Scott Lindsey Video Debut: 'You Only Call Me When You’re Drunk'

School teacher turned country music star Scott Lindsey is sending out an important message with his debut video, “You Only Call Me When You’re Drunk.”

But its not what you think.

Although the song title seems to refer to a significant other, Lindsey laughs when revealing the real relationship at the heart of the matter: the special bond between a person who's had one too many, and his cab driver.

In other words: Don’t drink and drive!

Lindsey know all about how to teach a lesson. He spent nine years as a Metro Nashville school teacher before heading into the world of country music. Now he’s been recognized by the CMA as the 2010 “Artist to Watch,” and he’s opened up on the road for fellow artists like Chris Young and Jason Aldean.

“You Only Call Me When You’re Drunk” is climbing the charts, so we wanted to give it some extra props on Fox 411 Country.  Check out Lindsey's video debut of the single from his new album, "Set ‘Em Up, Shoot ‘Em Down."