Sarah Silverman is no stranger to voicing her opinions on the status of the country, whether she is addressing social issues as part of her stand-up routine or on her Hulu original show “I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman.”

The liberal comedian spoke to Fox News about her take on our nation’s health care system and expressed her disappointment with the direction the country is headed.

“There are certain people that benefit from the country being uneducated and unhealthy. Period,” Silverman, 47, told Fox News last week at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, Calif. “And, if you follow the money, it’s all about money and that’s heartbreaking to me and not very American.”

In January, the funny woman paid the medical bills of a man who made a lewd remark to her on Twitter after he revealed to Silverman that he was sexually assaulted when he was 8. In her comments to Fox News, she said she feels bad for those who aren’t in a position to help themselves.

“When I think about people that can’t afford to get sick. I mean, it’s so expensive to get sick in this First World, incredibly rich, richest-country-in-the-world country,” she lamented.

“Every other First World country takes care of their people. It’s a right, not some privilege for an elite few, and I think money and greed is an addiction. And the people who are the most influential people in our country are sick. They can’t get enough money.”

She continued: “You know, I grew up with my dad telling us paying taxes was a privilege; that being an American and paying taxes it all goes in and then people who don’t have all the opportunities that we have should have all the opportunities that we have.”

The Hulu star said she finds it difficult to understand people "who are not willing to" give up certain things "for the well-being of others."

"You know, my oldest sister, the Rabbi [Susan Silverman], she says we have to ask ourselves what little things are we willing to give up for the well-being of others.”

The “Star Trek: Voyager” alum didn’t stop there. When asked whether she thought people took her politics too seriously as a comedian, Silverman didn't hold back and unleashed a whirlwind of scorn aimed at the nation’s administration as well as at the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court.

“I think that when they agree with people’s politics, they like it. When I feel some way about the right or something – I just made air quotes – I always go like, 'How would I feel if it was the other way around?' That’s how I like to keep myself in check,” she explained.

“I mean, look at this Supreme Court hearing right now; there is not a f--- world where they would allow that if this was a democratic choice and the democratic president was under investigation and everyone from his cabinet was going to jail or making deals."

"Like, are you f--- kidding me? And they don’t ask themselves that? Just basic values; they’re just all on board to toe the company line. Why? Money.”