Sara Sampaio's Coconut Water, Taylor Swift's Endless Questions, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's gabbing about:

• This past Tuesday, Victoria's Secret Angel Sara Sampaio shared a nude photo on Instagram (above), perhaps taken from her recent photoshoot with Vogue España (though we can't confirm as much). Either that, or she landed a gig as the face of our favorite new periodical, "Nude Coconut Monthly."

• Speaking of Sampaio, we wouldn't be surprised if coconut water was a staple of her — but it certainly isn't her favorite food. In our recent interview with the Portuguese model (below), she revealed the one dish she'd "eat everyday" if she could … probably while nude, now that we think of it!

• Athlete, actor and TV personality Michael Stahan confirmed to Us Weekly that he's leaving "Live With Kelly and Michael" to start working full-time at "Good Morning America." So now, the hunt is on for ABC to find a new co-host named "Michael" so they won't have to throw away all this sweet merchandise in their official store.

• According to sources for Us Weekly, E! Online and People magazine, expecting parents Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo will be having a baby girl. At the moment, though, it's unclear which of their overexcited mothers leaked this information to every media contact she could find online.

• Taylor Swift took part in a segment for Vogue magazine called "73 Questions" (below), in which an extremely inquisitive reporter from Vogue invades Swift's home to find out the answers to 73 (rehearsed) questions. Or rather, 74 questions, because we also find out the answer to "How many adorable sitting areas does Taylor Swift have?"

• On Tuesday, Gwen Stefani revealed that she and boyfriend Blake Shelton recorded a duet called "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" for Shelton's new album. But before you get too excited, it's probably not a cover of that similar sounding ballad from the first Wayne's World movie, which is what we were originally hoping.

• The other day on Instagram, Chrissy Teigen shared the first public photo of her newborn daughter Luna Simone (below). Luna's father John Legend was nowhere to be seen, but at least Teigen included the couple's sourpuss bulldog Pippa, who looks like she's been moping around all week because she's no longer the center of attention:

• And finally, Willem Dafoe has signed on to appear in Warner Bros' upcoming "Justice League" films. But unlike "Spider-Man" (his last comic-book film), Dafoe will play "a good guy," so there's a good chance he'll don a tight superhero suit and show off those fantastic legs he first debuted in