Sara Sampaio's Bora Bora Bikini Pics, Taylor Swift's Latest Nominations, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening, people:

• Victoria's Secret supermodel Sara Sampaio shared a couple of Instagram snapshots from her recent shoot in Bora Bora (see one above), where she looks to be having the time of her life. In fact, she looks to be having the time of several lives, if we're measuring in terms of yours and ours.

• If it's any consolation, Sampaio says she has to maintain a pretty strict workout regimen for Victoria's Secret, and also refrains from eating some of her favorite foods. Watch the video below to find out which foods exactly, and pretty soon, you'll (hopefully) feel better about not being in Bora Bora right now.

• On Tuesday, former pro basketball player and former "Khloe and Lamar" star Lamar Odom was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel and rushed to a hospital after reportedly consuming too much "herbal Viagra." And while we're no experts on herbal Viagra, we're pretty sure it's not supposed to turn you into a stiff. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery, Lamar.

• The nominations for the American Music Awards were announced on Tuesday, and surprise surprise, Taylor Swift leads the pack with six nods. We expect she'll win them all, too, seeing as the show's producers are probably fearful of forever being banned from Swift's "squad."

• Speaking of Swift, it's unlikely we'll ever have as much talent, or friends, or fame, or legs, or even her gift for taking Instagram photos. But thanks to makeup artist Sandy Linter, we can at least have her lips and eyes. Watch the video below for a tutorial on recreating Swift's look, then check out

• According to a source for TMZ, actress Anne Hathaway sent back her breakfast four times on the set of a recent commercial, only to scrap the order entirely when it was finally prepared to her liking. We were about to make fun of her for being a "diva," but then we remembered we do the exact same thing at Taco Bell every week. (Which part of "no sour cream" don't they get?)

• "Scream Queens" actress Lea Michele posed for the November issue of Women's Health magazine (below). According to the cover, she also shared her secrets for staying fit without the aid of a gym or a trainer, which is odd, because we could've sworn we've seen her working out on Instagram at a fancy Pilates studio with a bunch of expensive-looking exercise machines. Maybe our eyes were playing tricks on us.

• ABC is reportedly planning to reboot "Fantasy Island" for a whole new audience, but this time, the lead role will be played by a female, and she'll be running a fantasy-granting service out of San Francisco as opposed to an island in the Pacific. And although ABC hasn't confirmed it yet, it's almost a given that they'll hire a really tall guy to play Tattoo, just to keep this theme going.

• And finally, NBC announced on Tuesday that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be hosting "Saturday Night Live" on November 7, which gives the writers just enough time to come up with a few decent "bad Trump hair" jokes that we haven't already heard.