"Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson revealed she lived with anxiety for two years.

In an interview with Rare, Robertson said it was her faith that got her through her struggle.

"Whenever I was struggling with anxiety for two years, I would wake up and I was scared," she shared. "I would go to bed, and I was scared. I would go through the day and was scared -- constantly in this state of fear."

She added, "The Bible says so many times not to fear, but it was like I couldn’t shake it off of me."

Eventually the 19-year-old learned to fully trust God and realize "that God has already conquered fear."

That's why the reality star had the word "fearless" tattooed on her arm.

“[My tattoo is] not for anybody else, it’s not to be cool,” she said. “It’s just so that I can see that I’m living fearless in the name of Jesus.”