Sadie Robertson hopes to inspire young girls to 'Live Original'

Sadie Robertson was 14-years-old when her family was plunged into the spotlight with their hit A&E reality show "Duck Dynasty."

Promoting their Christian faith and family values has been a constant for the family since before the show and has remained with them through their rising stardom.

Sadie Robertson, now 18, has done her best to steer clear of using her celebrity for self-promotion, and instead, is using her platform to inspire others.

"I know that my fame is not because of me, and I put that in a higher power, and for me, that's the God that I serve," Robertson told FOX411. Everything that I do is for him."

Embarking on her "Live Original" tour this fall, Robertson is taking her message of loving yourself no matter what to 17 cities across the country.

"I'm about to do a 'Live Original' tour, and that all came up because, you know, I have a lot of followers on Instagram, I get a lot of likes and that stuff but that's just fans and I don't want fans; I want friends," she said. "So I want people to not only have someone to look up to on social media but to be that person for them to literally look up to onstage and be there for them and be a girlfriend to them because a lot of girls really just need someone to look up to."

The latest way Robertson is sharing her message is in her upcoming fiction novel "Life Just Got Real."

"[The book] is based off of my life before and after 'Duck Dynasty.' There's two main characters that represent that but I think they do more than just that. They represent every girl right now in the world that [goes] through the struggles that girls go through."

Already a best-selling author for her non-fiction book "Live Original," Robertson was intimidated to venture into the fiction world but her mom, Korie, encouraged her to write "Life Just Got Real."

"My mom came to me and she's like, 'Sadie, I think you should write fiction because I think you can relate to a whole new audience in middle school, high school and college girls,'" Robertson shared. "And at first I thought, 'Mom, you're crazy there's no way I can do that,' but I sat down with a co-author and we started talking."

The "Duck Dynasty" star owes her mom for more than just a book idea; Robertson said her mom has helped her navigate her new-found fame.

"I think this is kind of an interesting, unique situation because my family all jumped into fame at the same time," said Robertson. "Because of how my mom acted when 'Duck Dynasty' started, she just took it with grace and class and seeing my mom do that I was able to go in her footsteps."

The "Dancing With the Stars" season 19 runner-up also finds strength through her fans.

"I think my fans really inspire me so much," she said. "Anytime the enemy is attacking me in some way or I'm getting insecure in some way, I'll normally share that with my fans and to see my fans come through and say, 'Me too, girl,' and 'Hearing you say that makes it so much more real to me.' I realized through weakness there is also strength in sharing that."

She added, "So my fans have really shown me that there isn't embarrassment of going through something because everyone is going through it so the more you share it, it's like a community, and they taught me to be strong in that."

"Life Just Got Real" is out June 7. Catch Robertson on her "Live Original" tour this fall.