Sadie Robertson discusses inspirational new role in 'I'm Not Ashamed'

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Sadie Robertson has already conquered reality TV, become a best-selling author, launched her own fashion line and she only just graduated high school.

Now the 19-year-old is gearing up to take over the big screen with her role in the upcoming faith-based film "I'm Not Ashamed."

"I'm Not Ashamed" tells the true story of Rachel Joy Scott, the first of 13 people killed at the Columbine shooting on April 20, 1999.

Robertson, who plays Scott's cousin in the October 21 film, told FOX411 she hopes Scott's story will inspire viewers.

"The Columbine story is one that everybody's heard but not everybody knows of Rachel Scott's story and it's a story that needs to be heard," Robertson shared.

"The [movie] itself is not about [Scott's] death, it's about her life and I think that people will take away dying isn't the end of the world because as a Christian, Jesus died for us so the least we can do is die for him. It's how we live our life before him," she continued.

The "Live Original" author said Scott's story is especially important to share today in light of recent events around the world.

"I think the problem is there is so much hate in the world and you never know when our last day is going to be -- especially nowadays -- it can be sooner than we want. We need to focus on the life that we're living because that's the only thing that we can control."

Robertson's mom Korie and little sister Bella join her in the upcoming film. It was both of the sisters' first time on a movie set.

"It's funny because it was my first movie to film and so we were in it together which was nice because it's your first movie and you're nervous but I got to do it with the family like we do 'Duck Dynasty' and we had a lot of fun."

Take an exclusive first look at the full-length "I'm Not Ashamed" trailer above.