Robert Downey Jr. was certainly excited to solidify his legacy by leaving an impression of his feet on the famed Hollywood Boulevard on Monday morning, but it seems the reformed rehabber had something even more rewarding on his mind.

“I would like to embarrass my wife, but you're already a little edgy this morning … doesn't she look great? Oh, the things I'm going to do to her when that dress comes off later,” he exclaimed to an extended audience of fans, reporters, film executives, his mother and his mother in-law. “No offense but this is a big ego-boosting thing so I might be better in the sack for the next six hours then I will for the rest of my life. Let me tell you how it's going to start…”

But away from the mic, the “Sherlock Holmes” star was a little more shy about his bedtime abilities.

“Let me tell you what's going to happen tonight. She's going to say ‘you talk a good game.’ Then I'm going to [say] ‘I'm so tired, we just finished doing this movie’ and she'll say ‘you're all talk,’” Downey Jr. told Tarts after the ceremony. “Then I might surprise her … But I have a problem with buttoning top buttons and wearing ties. You'll notice in a movie I never really wear it up.”

Thanks Rob, but that's a little too much information …

And although the 44-year-old's past contains a tumultuous five years where he was arrested multiple times, did a stint in rehab, relapsed, missed court appearances while on parole and even got fired from a film after failing to turn up to work, Downey Jr. can now look back on his life and make light of it all.

“My career has had more dips then a French sandwich shop,” he declared happily.

But he just might be getting the biggest rise of them all should he seal the deal to play Hugh Hefner in an upcoming film of his life, to be directed by Brett Ratner.

“Robert Downey Jr. and I have talked about it, it's a very real possibility," Hef told Tarts earlier this year. “Downey’s a marvelous actor, I would be honored."