Rob Lowe thinks Donald Trump running for president is a 'good thing'

Lowe has waded in to the fiery debate over who should be the next US President, describing Donald Trump’s campaign as a “good thing”.

Speaking on Hit 104.1 2DayFM’s breakfast show Rove and Sam this morning, the Hollywood star opened up about why he views the controversial businessman’s entry into politics as positive.

“With Donald Trump running, it’s now acceptable for anyone to run and I think that’s a good thing,” the 52-year-old said.

“Our founding fathers weren’t career politicians — I think it’s really healthy to have someone who’s achieved something else in their lives enter into the public arena.”

When pressed on whether Trump can count on his support at the ballots, Lowe was less forthcoming.

“Whatever thought I have, I change the very next day because it’s such a fluid race and we’ve never seen anything like it,” he answered vaguely.

“It’s really a brave new world and whatever my thoughts are, they change. I cannot wait for the first debate — it could be a trainwreck, or something people study for years.”

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