Rising star Logan Brill is hoping there's a place for her music in Nashville

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New artist Logan Brill is hoping her blues-inspired country twang can find its way onto mainstream country radio. The 25-year-old singer has been praised for her contemporary spin on traditional country and her kick-it-back with the guys attitude. The "Shuteye" singer sat down with FOX411 Country to talk about how she's sticking to her unique sound and why Nashville should make room for her music.

FOX411 Country: How is this album different from your last one?
Logan Brill: I think this album, we kind of tried to move into a direction that moves a little more...I feel like the the songs for this record, I chose mostly because I liked the way that they felt, or the groove of them. I still wanted to kind of keep that same kind of important song content that I had for my first record.

FOX411 Country: What's one song from the album that shows who you are right now as an artist?
Brill: That's a hard one. What I love about the new record is that I think that it really has so many different kinds of songs on it...but I think the one song I would say maybe that shows the change between the first album and the second album is "Shuteye"...I think that's just because it has that same sort of rootsy grit from my first record, but it was sort of a bit of a departure in the content.

FOX411 Country: Why country music?
Brill: I think I just love country because, you know, it takes sort of things that are common in every day and makes them really beautiful and talks about things that everybody can relate to but in a really you know, a beautiful way. I just really always loved the storytelling in country music...it's my favorite genre.

FOX411 Country: Who are your musical influences?
Brill: My influences are sort of all across the board...but I grew up loving my parent's generation of music. So I loved Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, sort of the older country stuff, Johnny Cash, but then I listened to stuff more in the blues [genre]. I started singing blues before country music. When I was 12-years-old in Knoxville, Tennessee where I'm originally from, playing in blues bars there and then sort of incorporated the country [into my music] which I think sort of made the sound that I have now.

FOX411 Country: Do you think your music sounds like the music we hear on country radio right now?
Brill: I think being in Nashville, you know I live in Nashville and I'm sort of always surrounded by the business, I think it's hard not be aware of what's going on in country radio. And I think it's important to be aware of what's going on...I wouldn't necessarily say I'm the conventional sound but I'm sort of hoping me and country radio can figure it out. Because country music is always evolving and I feel, like I said, it's important to sort of know the trends but to be true to yourself and I feel like I've done that on this record and hopefully you know, I'll find my path and kind of where I fit in in country music.

FOX411 Country: You work with producer Frank Liddell who has also worked with Miranda Lambert. Do you see a comparison between the two of you?
Brill: You know, I totally admire that she has that sort of same grit and she just seems like she can totally hang with the guys...I'll totally take that comparison for sure. [Because] you know, I like her style, where she sings her song "Gunpowder and Lead" and all of these sort of songs that are like chick power.

For more of FOX411 Country's interview with Brill, watch the video above.

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