Ricky Martin is Not Getting Hitched, Rep Says

Guess Ricky Martin won’t be tying the knot in NYC later this month after all.

A rep for the Boricua superstar confirmed to Peopleenespañol that Martin will not be marrying his boyfriend of three years, despite earlier reports from Puerto Rican Newspaper El Nuevo Dia.

According to the daily, Martin was scheduled to wed Carlos González on Saturday, Jan. 28 in New York City, where he finds himself prepping for his new role on Broadway as the historical Ché Guevara.

Rumors were swirling back in November that Martin was seeking Spanish citizenship, to wed González in Spain, but the artist quickly denied the speculations.

"It’s news without proof,” Róndine Alcalá told Peopleenespañol.com “There are no wedding plans.”

Martin’s rep based in Puerto Rico backed up Alcalá, when setting the record straight with El Nuevo Dia.

“I don’t discuss Ricky’s, or the personal issues of any of the artists that I work with,” Alcalá said. “But, at the moment, I can say that (the wedding news) is not true.”

The “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer took to twitter, posting an ambiguous message about the wedding allegations.

“Of what you see, believe half of it,” Martin posted early on Tuesday. “Of what you read, believe nothing.”

Back in April, Martin reiterated to the Mexican press that he and he beau “are just fine how we are,” and that he was not getting married anytime soon.

“In my house we don’t speak of marriage,” the singer added.  in an encounter with the Mexican press as he was promoting his new album “Music + Soul + Sex.”

Most of questions asked revolved around Martin’s coming out as a gay man, which he answered openly and cordially.

“I am not getting married, we are good how we are and we’ve been together for three years now,” he said about his relationship with fellow Puerto Rican Carlos González.

“In my house everyone knew,” he explained adding that now he walks with “his head high” and lives with “incredible calm.”

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