Rick Harrison 'proud' of reaching 'Pawn Stars' milestone: '500 episodes is really a big deal'

When "Pawn Stars" first launched in 2009, Rick Harrison had no idea that the History Channel show would turn into a huge success.

As the show celebrates its 500th episode on Monday night, Harrison told Fox News he is "proud" of what the show has become.

"500 episodes is really a big deal. It’s definitely a landmark in TV as far as weekly primetime shows go, and I believe there are only a handful that have actually gone this far – so it’s really something to be proud of," Harrison told Fox News.

The reality show not only launched Harrison's celebrity, it also help boost his business.

"It's interesting to look back at how Gold & Silver has evolved over the course of these 500 episodes," the star told us. "When 'Pawn Stars' started, the shop was averaging about 70 people a day, and now, we average thousands. We’ve also gone from 10 employees to over 50. It’s been an incredible ride."

In the 500th episode, Harrison visits a man in Washington D.C. who is looking to unload a set of silver spoons made by Paul Revere.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek of the 500th episode obtained by Fox News in the video above.

"Pawn Stars" airs Mondays on History Channel.