As "Real Housewives of New York City" fans know, when it comes to showing a little skin while the cameras are rolling, cast member Sonja Morgan isn't afraid of nearly baring it all on the Bravo reality series.

Speaking to Fox News, the reality star — who has been on the show since 2010 — explained that she hasn't really struggled with body image, crediting her Milan, Italy and Studio 54 modeling days for her confidence.

"I think because since a young age I was a model, you really lose inhibitions when you're dressing behind-the-scenes," Morgan, 55, told us of being able to confidently strip down on national television. "There's a lot of men back there as well. It's sort of like, 'Just give me wrapper. My dresses. Where's my dresser?'"


"Since a very young age, I've been like that," Morgan continued. "I haven't really been body-conscience since a very young girl."

It goes without saying that Morgan's confident attitude exudes even when she's not on the small screen.

Last year, the "Sonja by Sonja Morgan" founder joined castmember Luann de Lesseps on-stage for her cabaret show to sing "Money Can't Buy You Class" when the back of her wrap dress became untied, completely exposing the reality star. However, Morgan didn't miss a beat, casually grabbing the ends of her outfit and wrapping them around herself.

"I was like the show must go on," Morgan recalled of the wardrobe malfunction, which quickly drew gasps from the crowd. "It's Luann's show. I don't want to upstage in any way."


"That's where #CabaretLess comes from," she teased. "Burlesque meets cabaret... And the girl in the audience helped me put the tie back on. It's like keep on dancing. Don't take any attention away from the Countess. It's her show."

Still, even with her confidence, Morgan — who likes to keep it "very natural" — has turned to one particular treatment to get herself bikini-ready this summer: CoolSculpting.

(Courtesy of CoolSculpting)

"I have been loving it!" she gushed of the "spot" treatment. "I went to the doctor and had it done, and now I'm the spokesperson. Can you believe it?... It's non-invasive. It's not surgical. It's FDA-cleared.

"I'm a mom. I have to think about these kinds of things," Morgan added. "You use it to target stubborn areas that just don't go away with exercise, you know I eat well, I take care of myself... I went to a retreat in Costa Rica.

"[It was a] pivotal moment in my life when I started a plant-based diet and some raw food — all of that was coming together for me, and I felt tip-top, and I said I deserve this, if my bikini line is cutting in or my jeans hit that spot, I'm going to try it. What do I have to lose except some fat?"

The recent Paper Magazine model, who acknowledges she shows "the most skin" on the reality series, stressed that for her, it's not about flaunting the "perfect body or the most beautiful figure."

"It's more for me, it's about the skin," she explained. "I prefer baths over showers. I think the two shower per day thing is detrimental. It dries your skin... I also believe in humidifiers... and air-purifiers."