Remembering Robin Williams: 5 of His Most Memorable Roles

It's been two years since the untimely death of Robin Williams, and while it's heartbreaking to think that he's gone, his performances still leave us with laughs, lessons and tears.

Known for his acting, as well as his stand-up comedy, Williams earned an assortment of awards during his career, including: one Academy Award; six Golden Globes; two Primetime Emmys; two Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films awards; an American Cinematheque Award; five American Comedy Awards; and the list continues.

His comedy brightened our days, and some of his heartfelt performances sometimes taught us important life lessons.

Though gone too soon, his legacy continues through his works and his words, as well as one of his most poignant quotes: "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."

Take a look below at clips from five of our favorite Robin Williams movies. Although his filmography is much more extensive, these clips perfectly capture just how talented and dedicated Williams was.

'Mrs. Doubtfire'

After a divorce, Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) took on the persona of Mrs. Doubtfire, an old nanny, in order to be able to see and spend time with his kids.


Aladdin and Genie complement each other and teach us what friendship is about, but would "Aladdin" be as successful and memorable without Williams' comedic (and often improvised) performance as the genie? Probably not.

'Good Morning, Vietnam'

Inspired by true events, "Good Morning, Vietnam" stars Williams as disc jockey Adrian Cronauer, who is sent to Vietnam to bring comedy into the lives of soldiers fighting for America.

'Dead Poets Society'

In "Dead Poets Society," Williams plays John Keating, a prep-school English professor who teaches lessons that go way beyond the classroom.

'Good Will Hunting'

Therapist Sean Maguire (Williams) teaches Will Hunting how to enjoy his life to the fullest by falling in love, taking chances and experiencing things first-hand.