'Rehab Addict' Nicole Curtis sued by city of Minneapolis

"Rehab Addict" Nicole Curtis is facing a lawsuit from the city of Minneapolis over a home she purchased from the government in 2013 for just $2.

And the HGTV star is firing back against the city.

According to the lawsuit obtained by Consumerist, Curtis' firm Detroit Designs purchased the home in a north Minneapolis neighborhood under several conditions, including completing "minimum improvements" on the home, maintaining the required insurance and paying property taxes within 12 months of purchase.

The city alleges in its suit, filed in January, that Curtis "failed to redevelop the property," failed to "substantially complete minimum improvements," "failed to pay real estate taxes" and "failed to maintain the required insurance."

The city said they sent "a notice of default under the contract on July 27, 2016" and is now asking the court to return the property to the city.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Curtis' lawyer said in court filings that the "Rehab Addict" star "was prevented and/or delayed from completing performance (of the contract’s terms) due to the acts of Plaintiff and the acts of third parties."

A rep and lawyer for Curtis did not return Fox News' request for comment. However, the HGTV star has been busy posting several pointed posts on social media, seemingly about the lawsuit.

"I told my team to ignore the negativity," Curtis wrote on Instagram. "The only way I've gotten this far is by staying on my path and remembering that those that have the time to disband such hate on others ...well, let's just say happy, successful people don't do that."