Viewers of MC Hammer's new reality TV show shouldn't expect to see him lounging around the house in baggy pants.

The 1990s rap music sensation says "Hammertime" will give viewers a glimpse of his 16-hour days as a businessman, computer geek, proud father and husband. The show will air on cable's A&E, starting as early as May.

The show will follow Hammer, his wife of 23 years, five children and two nephews — aged 3 to 21 — who live in their Oakland, Calif., area home.

"You're going to see an American family in the current environment of America," Hammer told The Associated Press on Thursday before giving a private concert at a resort. "College. High school. Junior high school. All the things that come along with family in day-to-day life, with the caveat that their dad is also a world-renowned recording artist."

He said the show would have many funny moments but wouldn't be scripted, "which actually makes it a better show."

Hammer, 46, said viewers might be surprised to learn about his business and technological savvy, including his attempts to build what he calls a social media empire. He helped found the media Web site dancejam.com, has unveiled a new iPhone application and frequently tweets on Twitter.

"I'm a 2010 dad. I'm a real techy. I'm a geek on that side," he said. "This is a dad who is connected beyond any kid's wildest dreams when it comes down to the places they'd like to navigate on the Internet."

Hammer, who was born Stanley Burrell, said his children have their own talents that will be showcased. That includes Stanley Jr., a 13-year-old dancer who shares his father's affinity for technology.

He said his wife, Stephanie, and the children were more excited about opening their home to camera crews than he was.

"It's in their blood," he said. "They all have theatrical, musical talents. They love the idea of being on television from the standpoint of acting and performing."