QA: Elle Macpherson a strict single mom, does not envy young models one whit

Elle Macpherson is not only the host of 'Fashion Star,' she’s also one of the executive producers, which makes perfect sense. The 47-year-old Aussie super model was set to study law at Sydney University but got sidelined by modeling. She went on to a record six appearances on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and now boasts her own hugely successful lingerie and skin care lines.

The six-foot stunner, whose nickname is "The Body," lives in London with her two sons, Fynn, 14 and Cy, 9.

PHOTOS: Elle Mcpherson's Sports Illustrated covers.

Fox411: You are quite the model mogul!

Ell Macpherson: Business has always been a big part of my modeling career. I started my intimated collection 20 years ago and became Elle Macpherson Inc in 1985, so the business aspect of modeling has always played heavily in my choices.

Fox411: Is that because you realized modeling had a short shelf life?

Macpherson: Partly that, but a lot of it was I wanted to remain interested in what I was doing. I love working in a team. I love seeing a project from beginning to end. I don’t like coming in and being a hired hand, performing and then leaving.

Fox411: ‘Fashion Star’ is interesting because you can get the clothes so quickly.

Macpherson: The whole concept is very refreshing in the sense that we have three retailers who are buying on the spot, and then you have these three great mega icon mentors and they influence the buyers to some extent. The fact that you can get them immediately on line ... we’ve sold out, it’s been hugely successful. America understands the concept. I think it’s modern.

Fox411: Is it true you were insecure as a model?

Macpherson: Insecure is a strong word. I think my perspective was I didn’t know where I fit, if I fit in the industry. I certainly didn’t fit intellectually in the sense that I really wanted to go to university. I wasn’t into fashion so I felt, I don’t want to say a fish out of water, but I was trying to work out where my place was, given my education and given my sensitivities, wasn’t interested in fashion, couldn’t wear high heels, never knew how to wear clothes because I hadn’t worn anything but jeans and bathing suits all my life and then physically, I just didn’t look like anybody else, so I couldn’t relate. At the time having a sort of Amazonian body was very unusual. People just didn’t associate modeling with that kind of stature. Yeah, it was interesting in the beginning.

Fox411: Are you a strict mom?

Macpherson: Yes, very. One of Flynn’s complaints is, ‘Nobody else has to do this, I don’t know why I have to.’ First of all I’m a single mother and I don’t have a nanny so we have to be super organized. They have to clean up their bathrooms before they go to school, they have to straighten their rooms, they have to have their vitamins and a healthy breakfast. They pack their bags themselves. They have to be ready by the door by 7:30.

We have a no electronics during the week policy. No computer games, no television. I’m very strict about their manners, standing up when an adult enters the room, shake hands, look in the eye, please and thank yous, all of that.

Fox411: The recent photo of you in People is sick. You look amazing.

Macpherson: I’d just come back from a month’s surfing in Oz so it was an easy shoot. I was happy in my heart. I’m in a really good space.

Fox411: Do you ever get cafeteria lady arms?

Macpherson: (Laughs) If I do I put on a tee-shirt. I try not to focus too much on those things because for me it’s really about the way I feel. I know everyone says, ‘Oh it’s it great you look so good,’ but honestly it’s more about the way I feel. There have been times in my life where I looked amazing when I was younger and I didn’t feel it, so it was of no value to me.

Fox411: You haven’t had work done.

Macpherson: I think it tends to make people look older. I maintain good health and beauty. This is my face. Is it perfect? No. Do I mind? Not at all. Do I have young girl envy? Absolutely not. Not young Elle envy, not any young girl envy. I love having a teenage son. I love my wisdoms that I can share upon him. I love that I’m secure in my work, I love my friends, I love my life! It’s interesting and it’s not fraught with all the anxiety and the ambition and the desire and all those kind of things I had when I was younger.