Pippa Middleton is trying hard not to become the next Fergie

Who knew being the likely future Queen of England's pretty sister could be such a drag?

Pippa Middleton shot to instant fame last year in a body-hugging Alexander McQueen number as the maid of honor at the royal wedding between her sister Kate and Prince William.

Her life has not been the same since.

On any given day, an average of 400 photographs of Pippa, from paparazzi agencies and freelance photographers, are submitted to the U.K papers and news outlets, according to a report. The unrelenting attention has prompted her to threaten legal action against several photo agencies.

Middleton is subsequently gossiped about relentlessly. And despite mega financial offers and interest from the likes of Usher, Justin TimberlakeSimon Cowell -- and even porn company Vivid -- the younger Middleton sister has to shy away from all of them in order to protect her sister’s royal reputation, and appear as though she is not profiting from her association.

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Even so, Pippa has been condemned and criticized for negotiating a book deal, branded a bad girl over leaked college photographs, and accused of riding her sister’s coattails -- all from doing nothing more than attending her sister's wedding!

“I don’t think there is a sane person among us who would ever volunteer to have eight or nine photographers camped on our doorstep, 24/7, the whole year ‘round. But this is Pippa’s reality. She can’t step out for coffee, accept a bite of food, or scratch an itch without fearing that an awkward photograph will forever commemorate the moment on the worldwide web before she can catch her breath,” celebrity life strategist Suzannah Galland told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Her proximity to the royals is certainly a double-edged sword for her. On the one hand, it is a platform that affords her tremendous notoriety, and there is a lot of good she can do. On the other side, there are many ways to go wrong. Her every choice is examined under a microscope. Other celebs can accept all kinds of tempting, lucrative offers and opportunities without batting an eye, but Pippa is obliged to refuse them.”

And while the rumor mill has been running rampant that Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey are in a bidding war – and willing to pull out the big bucks – to secure the first, oh-so-exclusive interview with the young Brit, PR pros are advising Miss Middleton to keep turning them down if she wants to maintain her integrity.

“Pippa would be well advised to lower and profile and lead a quiet life, the attention will naturally come to her – but trying to court more of it with pay-for-play interviews and playing the celebrity game will only increase the pressure upon her and likely lead to personal unhappiness down the road, as it did for Sarah Ferguson,” said Gene Grabowski of Levick Strategic Communications. “But we shouldn’t feel sorry for Pippa. For every disadvantage associated with her new-found celebrity, there is an advantage as well. The key is for her to continue on a careful path, choosing projects that fit with her personality and training.”

According to Galland, there is one way Pip can use her new-found fame for good.

“If she donates the (interview) fee to some worthy charity, than this would be a fine philanthropic statement to make with her fame. Yet I wonder if it wouldn’t be better if she simply refused all interviews,” Galland pondered. “She could raise as much if not more for a worthy cause by staging an event, which is her true talent. By keeping her mouth shut and being a kind, generous, silent presence on the public stage, she would remain glamorous and mysterious.”

It also appears to be in Middleton’s best interests to take extra precautions to ensure she isn’t dubbed the next Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson in the press. Fergie was recently caught on hidden camera selling access to the royal family -- she was married to Prince Andrew for 10 years and they share two royal children -- which she then apologized for.

Daily Beast writer Tom Sykes pointed out in a recent article that Middleton was being attacked, parodied and “catching hell” from all sides in the British media over a proposed party-planning book amid a period of severe economic hardship, and quickly becoming “Fergie II.”

“News thrives on drama, and the essence of drama is conflict. This is why we see so many stories about Pippa that strain to portray tension between her and the royals,” Galland continued. “A natural line of attack is to suggest she’s a money-grubbing vulgarian and opportunist in the tradition of Sarah Ferguson. Can anybody blame them? Fergie disgraced her position by peddling access to royals and other VIPs. She has set such an ugly precedent that any newcomer to the royal fold will be scrutinized without mercy.”

But Ariane Sommer, the author of the etiquette book “The Diplomat’s Daughter,” sees no harm in Middleton taking advantage of some of the opportunities that come her way.

“Pippa skyrocketed to international fame virtually overnight due to her sister’s position and is now caught between a rock and a hard place. But I personally believe Pippa should start building a profile of her own. It will not be easy at first and she will have to stand the criticism,” Sommer added. “Perhaps she should even think about starting her own foundation. In this way, she could use her fame and turn all the attention into something very positive and fulfilling and at the same time work on her own profile.”