PBS Launching Adult 'Sesame Street' Aimed at Baby Boomers Hitting Middle Age

PBS is collaborating on an adult "Sesame Street" -- and it has nothing to do with the Katy Perry boob brouhaha.

Called "Next Avenue," the series -- and corresponding Web site -- aims to help teach baby boomers how to handle their lives now that they've reached middle age, much the way the preschool TV show teaches kids their A-B-Cs.

Twin Cities Public Television, in conjunction with American Public Television and PBS, has already put together $5 million in grant money for the series, which is due to launch in the spring.

"We are designing 'Next Avenue' to be a virtual life coach for baby boomers," Twin Cities Public Television president Jim Pagliarini told Broadcasting & Cable. "It will also challenge them to see the opportunities life holds after 45."

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