Pauly D From 'Jersey Shore' Mobbed on College Campus, Cops Called

Hell broke loose at the University of Rhode Island Wednesday night when Pauly D was spotted on campus. Because so many students chased after the guy, that cops had to help the "Jersey Shore" star escape.

Pauly -- who's from Rhode Island -- was on campus to visit a friend when word spread on Facebook that he was at the school.

Suddenly, students began pouring out of the buildings so they could see Pauly with their own eyes.

In a matter of minutes, roughly 1,000 students had surrounded the building where Pauly was holed up.

We're told Pauly's private security eventually grabbed him and stuffed him into his car.

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Uniformed police officers were also called to the scene to help control the mob.

Pauly finally managed to get out -- but police told the reality star he's not allowed to return to URI unless he coordinates with law enforcement first.