Jake Owen has been keeping the party going on his summer headlining tour complete with his new No. 1 hit single “Beachin.’” What better way to catch up with the country star then during his favorite season? While Owen told FOX411 Country he's enjoying the success of his feel-good summer song, he's ready to release new tunes to show off a more serious side.

FOX411: Summer's been good to you -- between this new hit “Beachin’” and the tour?
Jake Owen: Yeah, it’s definitely good time of year for me. The tour is doing really well, the song “Beachin'” went number 1 on July 4th so that was kind of perfect timing for that. Things are going really good. I love summer time and I tell people that just because growing up in Florida, my whole life was summer time all the time.

FOX411: What can fans expect from your next single?
Owen: My next single is called, "We All Want “What We Ain’t Got” and it's probably my favorite song on my album. I really hoped at some point in my career that I could get to the point where I could release a song like this. It has a really deep meaning as far as recognizing that we all have things in our lives, we all want more than what we have. We’ve just become a society that I think is kind of bred to want more all the time. Whether it's something materialistic, whether it’s more out of your job, or climbing the ladder...I'm always trying to do something more. It tends to take me away sometimes from the things that are right in front of me. It's a distraction. So, I thought after “Beachin'” and “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” a lot of those lighter hearted songs, it would be a good time for me in my life to put something out that hopefully people will draw something from and see another side of what I do as far as my music is concerned.

FOX411: From your partnership with Discover Boating to your own boating and singing career, do you have time left to spend time with your family?
Owen: I don't have as much downtime as I use to and that's ok with me. There's a lot of things that are now taking up my time that are well worth it. For instance, my little girl is almost 2, she's starting to say words and sentences. I enjoy that a little more than I do spending the day on the lake. She's also getting to the age too where I can take her out there on the boat with me and teach her how to wake surf or wake board or the things that dads look forward to teaching their children. Being married now and having a little more substance in my life is great because I'm not just on the run all the time chasing something… I'm comfortable with where I am in my life and I'm really content with the way things are. I’m just maintaining it. At the same time too I'm not so content that I don't want to keep growing, I do, but it’s really nice to just feel comfortable every day you know, laying my head down at night and waking up in the morning.

FOX411: What was your vision for your current tour?
Owen: They always tell you that you only get one first impression. I want people's first impression of my headlining tour to be something that they're not only so excited that they were there for but that they tell other people about.

FOX411: Favorite water sports or summer time activity?
Owen: I like anything. I like just drinking beer and I like being with my friends and I like being on my boat, I like being near the water, I like lemonade, sweet tea with a lemon, I love watermelon.

FOX411: What is it like when you break out “Beachin’”?
Owen: It's a lot of fun. All of a sudden there's beach balls flying around in the air and there’s people showing up in like hula skirts and Hawaiian leis around their neck and it's cool. It's definitely something that has kind of happened in its own unique way. Literally, there will be people tailgating in the parking lot with like palm trees in the back of their car. It's cool because we've created an event. We've created an atmosphere that when people come out to our show they know what they're going to get and they're ready for it and they're excited for it.