Paris Hilton's Revealing Mirror Selfie, Kenny G's Sax-Filled 'Brazilian Nights,' and Much, Much More

Hey everybody, check this out:

On Monday, Paris Hilton shared a topless mirror selfie on Instagram in which she's wearing only a bathrobe (below). We're not sure what the occasion was, but subsequent posts suggests she was prepping to be photographed for her Paris Hilton Purses campaign. It seems so obvious now in retrospect; after all, everybody knows you can't move purses without impeccable cleavage.

We gotta be honest: We here at Fox News Magazine were taken aback at just how nice a guy Kenny G was when he came in for an exclusive interview. Check out the video above to see what we mean, along with a preview of his newly released album "Brazilian Nights."

Just four months after giving birth, Mila Kunis arrived for the premiere of her new film "Jupiter Ascending" looking just as skinny as ever in a black corset dress (below). But to us, it also seems entirely possible that she simply squeezed any leftover baby weight into her bust.

Bruce Jenner has reportedly agreed to talk about his male-to-female transition in an exclusive ABC interview with Diane Sawyer. However, their special isn't scheduled to air until May, perhaps so Bruce can debut his new spring wardrobe.

When asked by Harper's Bazaar U.K. about whether or not she's had Botox treatments, Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet responded with "Oh f[***] no!" That's really funny, actually, because we recently had the exact same reaction when somebody asked us a similar question. Not about Botox, mind you, but about Hydrox. No 'effin way are those better than Oreos!

In addition to being the new face of Maybelline and the newest face of Victoria's Secret's Pink campaign, Gigi Hadid has been named the new face of Seafolly, an Australian swimwear company. Seafolly couldn't have made a better choice that Hadid, either. Just look at how that face fills out a bikini!

According to new poll results from YouGov, Angelina Jolie has been named the most admired woman in the world, followed by Malala Yousafzai and Hilary Clinton. But if anybody should ask you about it, we all voted for our mothers, OK?

Following some kind of vague feud between herself and Taylor Swift, it has recently come to light that Katy Perry might have taken a slight dig at Swift during her Super Bowl half-time performance. As you can see below, she may have modeled her backup dancers' outfits on Swift's high-wasted bikini. You might also notice that this is the least offensive, lamest dis in all of human history.

TV personality, author and former "Singled Out" hostess Jenny McCarthy told E! News that she's very eager to adopt husband Donnie Wahlberg's last name, perhaps because she really wants to add "Wahlbergers heiress" to her ever-growing resume.

Purportedly inspired by her as a vegan in December of 2013, Beyonce has announced plans to launch a vegan meal delivery program. So now, for just under $200 per week, you too can eat just like Beyonce once did about 14 months ago!

And finally, the EMP Museum in Seattle is hosting an exhibit of almost 60 actual costumes from the "Star Wars" franchise. Fans will get the chance to learn about the designs, snap photos of their favorites, and probably have mild panic attacks upon seeing Princess Leia's original "Slave Leia" bikini in all its real-life glory.