Pamela Anderson Sued for Ex-Boyfriend's Condo Failure

Pamela Anderson is being countersued by big-time developer and former boyfriend, Laurence Hallier, for $22.5 million.

Hallier, the owner of the company which built the Panorama Towers in Las Vegas, signed a contract with Anderson back in 2006, in which she agreed to promote the sale of the condominiums by making various personal appearances in exchange for her own condo.

Hallier is claiming that Anderson failed to keep her side of the contract, and is blaming her missed appearances on the company's failure to sell condos, resulting in a loss of $22.5 million.

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Anderson had previously sued Hallier for $1 million, claiming she never received the condo he promised her.  According to Anderson, if she did not receive the condo, Hallier would have to pay her $1 million.  Hallier says Anderson is not entitled to the money since she did not keep up her side of the contract.

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