Pam Anderson strips for PETA

Pam Anderson is naked again. No, its not for Playboy. And no, its not a sex tape with an ex.

Its another ad for PETA.

Anderson is in her birthday suit in a shower in a "Psycho"-inspired shot along with the caption: "Meat and Dairy Farms Drain Half the Country's Water."

Referencing California's historic drought, the longtime vegan then urges people to become vegetarians (along with taking the state-mandated short showers).

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It is not Anderson's first time working with the animal rights organization. She has been photographed nude with butcher marks on her body, wearing a bikini made of lettuce leaves, and bottomless wearing a form-fitting t-shirt urging fans to "save the seals."

Anderson, 47, recently divorced Rick Salomon for the second time. The two issued a joint apology for how "harsh and cruel" the proceedings were.

Salomon is best known for starring in Paris Hilton's sex tape.

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