Nun shocks the judges on 'The Voice of Italy'

No one can stop this nun!

Sister Cristina Scuccia stunned the judges on Italy’s version of “The Voice” when she began skillfully belting out Alicia Key’s “No One.”

The 25-year-old nun appeared on stage dressed in traditional clothes, with a large silver cross dangling from her neck. As the song began, the cameras focused on her black shoes tapping to the beat.

Behind the scenes, three of her fellow nuns eagerly watched her performance, cheering her on.

The judges on “The Voice” sit in large chairs with their backs to the performers, and they only turn their chairs around if they want the singer to join their team.

The shock on each judge’s face as they swiveled their chair during Sister Cristina’s performance makes for a priceless viral video. Check out their reactions below: