You may not know the name Nina Agdal, but this time last year, you had probably never heard of Kate Upton, either.

That will likely change this Sunday, when the 20-year-old Danish model will make a splash in a commercial for Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s new charbroiled Atlantic cod fish sandwich, set to air during the Super Bowl.

“It’s delicious,” Agdal told FOX411.com exclusively about Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s new sandwich. “The great thing about it is that it’s not fried, it’s under 500 calories and it’s a great alternative to a regular burger.”

Like Kim Kardashian, Padma Lakshmi – and yes, Upton – before her, Agdal certainly knows how to pique interest in foodstuffs.

“It’s just me in a bikini, hanging out in Maui, Hawaii, and I brought my fish sandwich,” Agdal said of the new ad. “I’m just hanging out on the beach, and this guy comes up – and I think I’m rejecting him – even though he’s really cute and sunburned.”

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After Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s announced that Agdal would star in their Super Bowl ad, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2012 rookie of the year quickly gained 26,000 Twitter followers in less than 12 hours.

“It’s crazy – my Twitter is blowing up,” she marveled. “The reaction has been very, very positive.”

While Agdal will be appearing in an ad during the Super Bowl, she’s not exactly crazy about the NFL. “The thing is, I’ve never, ever watched football,” the Dane confessed. “I went to my first football game when I moved to Miami two years ago. I guess I’ll have to watch it more to get into it. But I am not a big fan of football – I am more of a basketball girl.”

With her Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s ad premiering this Sunday, Agdal will be forced to watch at least some football this weekend. “I’m definitely going to watch the Super Bowl – not just because of my commercial – but because it is a big tradition here. You have to be a part of it, so I’m going to join the club.”

And Agdal, who is currently single, is planning on keeping her Super Bowl plans low-key. “I’m inviting some of my girlfriends over while I’m here in L.A. to watch it. It’ll be a small group with some great food – that’s my plan.”

With her family back in Denmark, Agdal has to get crafty to enable her relatives to watch her Super Bowl ad. “When the commercial comes on, I’m going to try and film it with my phone so that I can email it,” she explained. “My grandmother is absolutely so excited – she’s on YouTube all day, she’s on Twitter, she’s on Skype, she’s on Facebook – she’s everywhere.”

In addition to her Super Bowl ad, Agdal is also in the running to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated’s upcoming annual Swimsuit Issue – where fellow Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s girl Upton landed last year.

“It feels a little bit overwhelming, but I am extremely excited,” Agdel said. “I have a really great feeling about this issue whether I get the cover or not. I got a sneak peek at the photos, and it looks amazing. If I get the cover, of course it will take things to a whole other level.”

Photos for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue were shot in Australia back in May, where Agdal got serious about her fitness. “I worked really hard for it,” Agdal explained. “I worked out a lot for the shoot, and I am still working out a lot. I’m trying to keep myself in shape.”

In the meantime, Agdal’s pretty happy with her gig with Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s.

“It’s not bad,” she laughed. “I get to eat a burger in a swimsuit!”