Nicole Curtis is opening up about her recent disappearance from television.

Despite high demand for her hit series “Rehab Addict” and a bestselling memoir, the HGTV personality hasn't really been seen in action since the end of Season 7, which wrapped in May 2016.

Curtis recently opened to Country Living about the personal issues that delayed Season 8 of "Rehab Addict."

According to Curtis, the death of her grandmother changed her lifestyle. She began caring for her grandfather, she revealed.


"My life is absolutely not perfect," she told the magazine. "The most important thing for me is to be strong for my children and my grandfather. Every day he asks, 'why am I still here?!' I said, 'You know what, I think because God was not going to take you [and Grandma] from me at the same time. C'mon, Gramps!'"

Her troubles didn't end there.

Curtis has also been in and out of court since 2015 due to several legal issues including a protective order against her filed by her own mother, Joan Curtis.

The star's mom claimed she was being harassed with threatening calls and texts by her famous daughter. Her father had reportedly threatened in the past to go to the press with information about his daughter.

“Our situation is absolutely horrifying and heartbreaking,” said Curtis. “I can’t say anymore to that.”

Curtis also described why she returned to work shortly after giving birth to her son, Harper.

“We had contracts to get through,” Curtis explained. “I went from giving birth to filming and building, then we did the Ransom Gillis special in Detroit.”


Curtis has also been in a messy custody battle over Harper. She was also recently sued by the city of Minneapolis over claims she failed to redevelop a property she purchased for $2. Curtis has said she was "threatened and harassed" during the back-and-forth with the city.

Despite her woes, Curtis did tell the publication that she has prioritized her well-being and has relied on therapy.

“You realize your mind needs to grow and to heal,” she said. “You spend money on personal trainers — spend it on therapists.”