Nicolas Maduro And His Opponents Asked By American Celebs To End The Violence In Venezuela

The headlines and images of the violent clashes between protestors and authorities in Venezuela have enraptured people across the world. The hashtag #PrayForVenezuela has been shared across thousands of Twitter accounts as people plead for safety on the streets of Caracas.

Among those offering their support are celebrities who have taken to social media to voice their concerns.

Actor Wilmer Valderrama, who spent his early childhood in Venezuela, posted two Instagram videos – on in Spanish followed by one in English – asking for fans to pray for the Latin American country.

“Feeling a lot of pain, I want to send a message to my Venezuela so that you know that I love you a lot and that I support you… I am with you all. I love you,” he said in Spanish, choking up.

In the English video, the 34-year-old actor said: “With so much pain, I ask you to please pray for Venezuela, the country that saw me grow up. I really appreciate your guy’s help. Spread the word. Thank you.”

Actress Eva Longoria re-tweeted Valderrama’s video along with another tweet showing a picture that reads: “Venezuela is fighting for its freedom.”

Demi Lovato tweeted: “Please #PrayForVenezuela and please #PrayForUkraine,” referencing the anti-government protests in Kiev that has left at least 25 dead.

Singer Ricky Martin wrote in Spanish on Twitter: “A lot of peace and love for all my Venezuelan brothers and sisters. #PrayForVenezuela #Venezuela.”

Adding a YouTube video depicting scenes of the protests in Caracas, Mexican singer Paulina Rubio tweeted in Spanish: “#Venezuela I am with you, we have to do something, together we can.”

Singer Willie Colón chimed in: “If Venezuela wants to get out of this tyranny, it has to stay firm now that Maduro wobbles.”

In a Facebook post, Colón also urged some action from the United States government, especially following the arrest of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez on Tuesday.

“President Obama and Secretary Kerry. We implore you to make a statement about the arrest of oppositional leader Leopoldo Lopez. Leader of a pacifist movement for protest and change. His life is in danger,” he wrote.

In a long Spanish post on his website, singer and one-time presidential candidate in Panama, Ruben Blades, offered his view on the political unrest in Venezuela, noting that the two political factions in the country have had the opportunity to serve, but have failed, “perhaps because each has chosen to serve their own agendas, failing in the attempt to integrate the majority of the country.”

Blades didn't pull any punches, but placed responsibility on both sides.

“It is perhaps for this reason that the arguments made by the representatives of both sides are demagogic sounds to independent ears. Neither really has majority support, hence the paralysis. Both arguments have a bit of truth, but both refuse to join each other to create common ground to request a proposal for all Venezuelans,” he continued.

In the end Blades, calls for a halt to the violence.

“The one with reason does not need to shout or hit the other to value what he says,” he wrote.

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