Running a church takes more than faith. Three business-savvy ministers are traveling the country to help faith-based organizations fix their financial problems and get them back on their feet so they can keep spreading God’s message.

Premiering this month on the National Geographic Channel, “Church Rescue” follows the trio, also known as the “Church Hoppers,” on their trip to help churches in need.

Fox News’ Lauren Green spoke to two of the series stars, Kevin "Rev Kev" Annas and Anthony "Gladamere" Lockhart.

The ministers face the tough task of convincing those they work with that there is a financial problem with their church and if they don’t change, their place of worship is at risk of closing.

“I believe that the pastors believe in what they’re preaching, but sometimes it takes an outside perspective like the Church Hoppers to drive the point across ... they [then] realize that we’re fighting for them,” said Annas.

Lockhart says one of the main problems is that though churches preach to go out and work in the community, church leaders don’t actually act upon their own advice.

“We say we do, we commission our troops to go out and be who they are … but [the church] is a little introverted,” said Lockhart.

There are concerns nationwide about whether smaller churches can remain afloat in the current economy.

The Church Hoppers believe a church’s business practices are the main reason why they go under.

“Being a smaller church is like being a smaller business … it has its disadvantages [compared to larger organizations] … the one thing they all share is the passion for the word whatever that domination may be,” said Annas.

The ministers have the mindset that if the churches understand how to run their organization financially, it can help translate into long-term security.

Annas said pastors can look to people in their pews for help.

“There are people in most congregations, small and large that are more expert than the pastor is … what we try to do is find those people or that person and can connect them to that pastor,” said Annas. “We believe as the Church Hoppers that each individual church … has unique DNA, a unique propose … I think we need to focus more on what brings us alive, what makes us unique, what God has given us and created us to be about in that local community.”
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