'Nashville' recap: Who's the daddy?

Last week’s pregnancy bombshell continues to rock Juliette’s world. Certain that the father is sleazy Jeff Fordham, it seems all but certain that she won’t allow the pregnancy to come to term. She’s haunted by Avery; whether it’s by hearing their song on the radio or finding stuff he left at her apartment, she can’t get him off of her mind. When she attempts to drop his things off at his doorstep, he catches her and the two get into a brutal fight. They swear they’re done with each other but the passion-fueled argument begs to differ.

After nailing her second Patsy Cline audition (and listening to Jeff Fordham’s comments about her weight gain), Juliette goes to her doctor's appointment, seemingly desperate to rid herself of Jeff’s spawn. It’s only during the ultrasound that she realizes the baby is 8 weeks old, meaning her child isn’t Jeff’s, it’s Avery’s!

While it's refreshing that ‘Nashville’ chose not to drag out this storyline, don’t expect the duo to reconcile just yet. While the look on Juliette’s face may signal that she’s keeping her baby, Avery is doing everything he can to forget about her, starting by hooking up with the new waitress at The Bluebird Cafe.

In other news, Rayna is disappointed to learn that her record has sunk to number two on the charts thanks to Will’s new album. It doesn’t help when journalists insist on asking about her new engagement to Luke Wheeler when she’d prefer that they ask about her music. After a long talk with Luke, she decides to play the game, appearing on ‘Good Morning America’ alongside real life country singer Luke Bryan. Before performing, she shares a few tidbits about the proposal, but will it help?

Sharing the details of his personal life may be boosting Will’s album sales, but being followed around by a camera crew is making things difficult at home. Layla has become increasingly unhinged since learning her husband is gay and in an effort to quiet her, Will sets up an audition for his wife. It doesn’t go well, but the duo still have a reality show to film and the show must go on! Right before the crew sets up, Layla, who had been crying, suddenly turns cold.

“I own you,” Layla flatly informs Will.

She goes on to explain that if he expects her to keep his secret, she wants a place on his tour. Seconds later she’s wiping her tears and telling Will to smile for the cameras while he lets her threat sink in.

In a very implausible twist, Luke Wheeler tells Deacon that even though he attempted to steal Rayna away from him, he is still expects Deacon to join him on tour. When Deacon tries to quit, Luke reminds him of his contract and he admits defeat. Maddie takes the news hard, as Rayna is also planning to head out on tour soon and she’d been hoping to spend time with her father while her mom was away. It leads to some bonding between the two, especially once Deacon tells Maddie that he proposed to Rayna, but was rejected.

Scarlett and Gunnar write a song together but ultimately decide not to make their songwriting a regular thing, each hoping to find their own voice. They can say it all they want, but everyone knows these two will find their way back to each other sooner or later. Perhaps none more than Zoey, who decides to move in with Gunnar after seeing him share a sweet moment with his ex. Will that be enough to keep her boyfriend out of Scarlett’s orbit?