Miss Bumbum model paralyzed after attempted suicide

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After tragically attempting to take her own life, a gorgeous model has been left paralyzed from the waist down.

Former beauty contest hopeful Debora Dantas, who competed in Brazil’s famous Miss Bumbum competition, attempted to commit suicide following her battle with depression.

Reports suggest that under the influence of alcohol and anti-depressants, Dantas threw herself from the fourth floor of an apartment block.

Miraculously, 20-year-old Dantas survived the fall, but she has been left with paraplegia.

In videos released after the tragic incident, a distressed Dantas manages a smile as she addresses her fans from a hospital bed in Brazil.

The former model urged her fans to pray for her, explaining: “I don’t know if the news has reached you yet but I’ve suffered paraplegia.

“For me and God, what’s impossible is only a matter of opinion. Keep on praying for me because I’m very happy with everything you’ve done for me so far.

“I’m making this video to say thank you to my loved ones for their help, to everyone who’s come to visit me and are prepared to be here with me.”

Dantas, who represented the state of Paraiba in the Miss Bumbum contest, hit the headlines last year after an explicit video of her emerged.

Dantas, who used to date well-known singer Mister Catra, was captured in footage which showed her being pleasured by a woman in an adult nightclub in Brazil’s capital.

After news of the suicide attempt, a friend told a local paper Dantas had been drinking heavily before her fall.

She revealed: “She was always drinking a lot and taking lots of medication. She was depressed all the time and had emotional problems.

“She used to say her life was empty and made no sense.”

Dantas’ struggle isn’t the first Miss Bumbum scandal to hit the headlines in recent years.

Current Miss Bumbum titleholder Suzy Cortez was allegedly blocked by Lionel Messi’s girlfriend Antonella Ruccozzo for sending the Argentine soccer player saucy snaps.

Another revelation that shocked Brazil occurred when Andressa Urach, runner-up in the 2012 Miss Bumbum competition, released a book.

In an intimate account, she revealed that she’d become “one of Brazil’s most expensive and desired prostitutes” after suffering a life-threatening infection triggered by plastic surgery.

Urach also claimed she’d slept with Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo while he was dating former girlfriend Irina Shayk, an allegation the soccer player strongly denies.

This article originally appeared on The Sun.