Miranda Kerr's Sultry Instagram Snapshot and Sotto 13's Hearty Fettucine Bolognese

Here's what everybody's been talking about:

Miranda Kerr uploaded a nude photo to Instagram on Sunday, presumably from a recent shoot with photographer Chris Colls. Or perhaps this is just a candid shot, and she wakes up flawlessly nude every morning of her life. Which actually sounds plausible.

With Turkey Day just around the corner, the last thing we want for dinner is a huge plate of roasted fowl. We wouldn't mind a huge bowl of pasta, though. Especially if it's the fettucine bolognese from Sotto 13 in NYC. Watch the video above to see how it's made, then get

The 2014 American Music Awards took place on Sunday evening in Los Angeles, and brought with it scantily clad musicians like Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez, who pretty much let their butts do the talking:

On Friday, Queen Latifah announced that CBS will be canceling the "Queen Latifah Show" after two seasons on the air. We're not yet sure why, but we're guessing CBS just realized that Latifah is not in fact royalty, so they voided her contract on the grounds of falsified credentials.

On Sunday, Katy Perry was confirmed as the half-time entertainment at Super Bowl XLIX. In conjunction with Pepsi, she then released a mock-preview of her act (below), in which she hints at performing alongside a spaceship and a thousand kittens. The real show, however, is sure to be much more disappointing, so watch at your own risk.

Cher has been forced to cancel her "Dressed to Kill" tour after coming down with a viral infection, but don't worry. She's already survived a rough childhood of being called a gypsy, a tramp and a thief; she can easily fend off a puny virus or two.

Jessica Alba shared a video from her workout session on Instagram this past Sunday. She also tagged it with the hashtag #noflexzone, which would seem to suggest that she's not trying to flaunt or flex for the camera, even though that's exactly what she's doing:

Kendra Wilkinson revealed to Us Weekly that she took back husband Hank Baskett despite his alleged tryst with a transgender model. Baskett himself also told the magazine that he'll be "working on regaining Kendra’s trust," but he has yet to comment on how he'll be forcing himself to find a woman (with actual ladyparts) sexually attractive.

NBC has released a three-minute preview of their forthcoming "Peter Pan Live!" television event in an effort to get us excited for Neverland, where we're supposed to forget that Allison Williams is not a boy named Peter, and also that Christopher Walken is extra-creepy in a pirate costume:

When asked about his Thanksgiving plans, Ben Affleck told Us Weekly that he plans to spend the holiday at Matt Damon's house in Boston. So if Leonardo DiCaprio should somehow make an appearance, their Thanksgiving is going to look a lot like the bedroom collage we hung on our wall in 1997.

After claiming that his surgically reattached finger "fell off" during a poker game, Jose Canseco has now admitted the story was a hoax. It seems Canseco just can't resist a good prank. Or better yet, maybe he's gearing up for his own hidden-camera show à la "Punk'd," hopefully called "Canseco'd."

And finally, Universal Pictures released a trailer for the trailer of "Jurassic World" on Sunday. It doesn't reveal all that much about the upcoming sequel, aside from the fact that guests will now ride around the park in spherical cubes before the whole experience inevitably turns into a hellish nightmare.