Miranda Kerr's Close Call, Charlotte McKinney's GUESS Campaign, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening, people:

• Miranda Kerr wore a wonderfully revealing pink gown to an event during the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday evening (below), but she nearly lost the whole ensemble when a security guard stepped on the train of her dress. But since this is real life, and not an '80s teen movie starring Scott Baio and/or Anthony Michael Hall as magical pervy teens, she was able to avert disaster and remain (mostly) clothed.

• Blonde bombshell Charlotte McKinney has truly taken the modeling world by storm, so it's almost unthinkable to learn that nobody wanted to sign her when she was starting out in Miami. Watch the video above to learn more about McKinney, and to check out some sizzling shots from her new GUESS campaigns.

• In an interview with Hoda Kotb (that for some reason didn't take place on the "Today" show), Joan Rivers' daughter Melissa said she felt that comedian Kathy Griffin "kind of s*** all over my mother's legacy" in her resignation statement upon leaving "Fashion Police." In fairness, though, "sh***ing all over legacies" sounds like something Joan would've found quite humorous.

• B.B. King, whose voice and guitar were responsible for some of the most memorable blues songs of all time, died at his home in Las Vegas on Thursday. He was 89, and boy, could he make Lucille sing:

• "Grace and Frankie" actress Jane Fonda, 77, revealed on a recent episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that she joined the Mile High Club at age 50. But then she explained her partner was then-lover Ted Turner, and it took place on his private plane, so we don't really think it counts. Somebody revoke her membership and take back the blender.

• Maroon 5 released a new single called "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Mother****er" (listen below), and we're guessing it's because Maroon 5 thinks that adding curse words to their hooks is a good strategy for breaking out of their family-friendly, VH1-type image. Then again, it didn't work when they tried it with "Payphone," but more power to 'em.

• Boy band One Direction made their first appearance as a quartet on "The Late Show With James Corden," where they claimed they weren't angry at Zayn for leaving the band, "just more disappointed." But we're not sure we believe them, because that's the exact same thing our parents used to tell us when they were really angry.

• Taylor Swift's Instagram account keeps revealing more and more celebrity guests who will appear in her "Bad Blood" music video, to debut on Sunday. The newest additions include Cara Delevingne (below), Ellen Pompeo, Martha Hunt, Jessica Alba, Serayah, Karlie Kloss, Mariska Hartigay, and — if our predictions are correct — either Lorde or Edward James Olmos. Each seem equally plausible at this point.

• The nominees for the 2015 CMT Awards were announced earlier this week, and Carrie Underwood came out on top with a total of five nominations: two for Video of the Year, two for Female Video of the Year, and one for Collaborative Video of the Year. But if you can think of any other categories to shoehorn more Carrie Underwood videos into, we're sure CMT is all ears.

• After revealing last month that she's on Tinder, pop singer Hilary Duff released a music video for her song "Sparks" that documents her entire experiences with dating app, from making a profile to bowling with her suitors (below). The only thing it doesn't document is the moment Duff cashes the huge check Tinder gave her for this blatant commerical for Tinder:

• As first reported by Variety, Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman has signed on to portray Jacqueline Kennedy in a historical drama called "Jackie." The film will focus on the (former) first lady in the four days following JFK's death, when she was still trying to hold it together while friends and relatives presumably kept dropping by with food.

• Earlier this week on Instagram, Elsa Hosk shared a number of snapshots in which she's basically only wearing sand in place of a bikini top, which many of our readers will recognize as quite possibly the least comfortable thing to wear in place of a bikini top. Looks great on camera, though!

• And finally, a source for Us Weekly claims that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are at the "I love you" stage in their relationship. That means there's only one more stage in the relationship before a proposal is imminent: the stage where they two of them can freely and openly use the bathroom without bothering to shut the door. (That's love.)