'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger opens up about abortion regrets, her desire to adopt

Patti Stanger has made a very successful living helping others find their perfect match on her hit Bravo show “Millionaire Matchmaker,” but now the love guru is on a quest of a different kind – to find a perfect match in a son for herself.

“I want to have a family. I have a new boyfriend, and we’ve discussed adoption,” Stanger, 51, recently revealed on her newly-formed website PattiKnows.com  “It’s a possibility. It’s not a 100 percent.”

The reality/romance star went on to tell FOX411’s Pop Tarts column that she has only just started the process and is exploring her options, and while she deeply admires the likes of Angelia Jolie and Madonna who have adopted children from foreign countries, she intends to adopt from here in America.

“I just feel an affinity for a child who is starting to understand the world without a mom or a dad. It breaks my heart. There are so many children in America who don’t have homes because they’re not babies. And I’m open to an older child too, three-to-five years old,” Stanger, who was adopted herself, continued. “I would like a boy because I want to raise him to be a gentleman, but I will take any child that comes to me – girl or boy – or even twins.”

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Stanger also insisted that she isn’t letting herself “get her hopes too high” as she is well aware that the process can be an emotional and disappointing one. However, she is grateful to have met a very special someone named David, who she met online, as single parenthood is something she would rather avoid.

“He has two kids and he is an amazing dad. There is this sense of even with enough money I could do it alone,” she said. “But when you’re working, I always want someone to be there for there for our son or daughter.”

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And although Stanger said that she is a staunch advocate for a woman’s right to choose, she can’t help but feel a sense of uneasiness over the abortion she had at the age of 26.

“It was a horrible time; I just didn’t have the money to be a mom. I remember this sense of paranoia and I was always wondering whether this would be the last time, would this be my last shot at having a child,” she recalled. “I am all for pro-choice, but it really did make me stop and think.”

In the upcoming season six of “Millionaire Matchmaker,” which will debut in the Fall, Stanger also embarks on a mission to find her own biological parents, and has hired a private investigator to assist in unearthing the mystery and following up on some leads she has been given with regards to her mother’s identity.

“We’ve heard some theories, but there is a lot of mystery surrounding my adoption,” she added.