Mike Tyson reveals dicey link to Brad Pitt in Las Vegas show

What do Brad Pitt and Mike Tyson have in common?

It is one of the many topics discussed by Tyson during his one-man show performance at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“At the beginning (of the show), I say welcome to my living room,” the boxing legend tells Fox411.com. “I set the stage like we’re at home and we’re talking to friends.”

The show, titled “Undisputed Truth,” isn’t as over-the-top as most of the shows you’ll find on the Vegas strip.  It’s just Tyson, a small band, and a singer on stage, as Tyson talks about the ups and downs of his career and personal life. From his father-son like relationship with famed boxing trainer Cus D’Amato, to his tumultuous marriage to actress Robin Givens, Tyson reveals, in a lecture-type of format, the inner workings of one of the most enigmatic personalities in sports history.

The intimate setting was even a little intimidating for the former heavyweight champ.

“I’m terrified,” said Tyson, when asked about his comfort level on stage. “But I’m born to do this stuff. I’m born to entertain people, one way or another.”

And it is Tyson's story about actor Brad Pitt that definitely steals the show. Tyson said he was still sleeping with his ex-wife Givens while they were going through their very public divorce battle. He recalled one morning before making a visit to his lawyer to talk about their divorce when he decided to first make a pit stop (no pun intended) at Givens’ house for what he termed as a “morning rump” (by that, Tyson clarified it as “sexual activity”).

When Tyson rang the doorbell, no one answered. As he was walking back to his car, lo and behold, Givens pulls up in a car with none other than Pitt.


“As she pulls up in the car, guess who’s with her? Yes, ‘Mr. Pretty Boy’ Brad Pitt,” said Tyson. “He looked like…you know…blonde hair…just beautiful.”

Was Pitt scared when he pulled up and saw one of the most intimidating boxers in sports history? According to Tyson, not really.

“He didn’t look scared,” said Tyson. “He was just like, ‘Hey dude!’”

Tyson’s one-man show closes this week at the Hollywood Theatre inside of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. But his production team, SPI Entertainment, said they plan to take the show on the road. And Tyson has the biggest goal of all: "Broadway."