Michael Vick to Appear on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'

Talk show queen Oprah will welcome embattled Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick for an episode scheduled to air on February 24.

Vick, who famously served time in prison for his involvement in an illegal dogfighting ring, will discuss his sentencing, as well as his return to the National Football League.

Following his 2007 guilty plea, Vick served 21 months behind bars and later filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after the loss of his endorsement deals and NFL salary. Following his release from prison, he was signed to the Philadelphia Eagles and was reinstated in the 2009 season. He has also signed on to work with the Humane Society, which he will also discuss on the “Oprah” appearance.

Last month, Oprah and Piers Morgan made a bet as to who would land Vick for his first talk-show appearance. But Vick admitted he doesn’t know who Morgan is and would welcome the opportunity to appear on Oprah’s show.

“If the bet was made, she’ll probably win, because I know nothing about that other guy” USA Today quoted him as saying.