Martin Sheen: Donald Trump is an 'empty-headed moron' with 'no chance' of winning the election

Martin Sheen didn't hold back in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

The actor, who played fictional Democratic president Josiah Bartlet on the "West Wing" gave a candid response about the 2016 presidential race.

"[Trump] makes me laugh, in that nobody seems to get it yet," Sheen told The Hollywood Reporter. "He's an empty-headed moron. That he has absolutely nothing to offer us. That he’s done his bidding and he has to be responsible for the damage he’s already done."

It's safe to say Sheen won't be supporting Trump -- he said he's team Hillary.

“She has some common sense. I’m not saying she’s mistake-free. Who is? I mean, she’s a human being,” he said of Clinton. “So, please, if you want to talk about how much her mistakes have cost us, none in human lives — and please don’t mention Benghazi."

He added, "That’s a lot of crap. She was not controlling that situation. It was a military situation. And that’s run by the Pentagon or the CIA or both. She’s under orders.”