Mariah Carey wears lingerie to the gym because she's Mariah Carey

Just over a month after Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance fiasco, the singer is clearly shaking off the negativity with a workout at the gym.

But in true diva fashion the superstar wore unconventional fitness attire.

The mother of twins wore a black leotard, fishnets, perhaps channeling a modernized version of Olivia Newton-John’s throwback classic, “Let’s Get Physical” video. She also wore a varsity jacket with a pair of stiletto heeled boots.

She posted a series of video at Gunnar Peterson's gym Thursday.

In addition to her risqué videos, she shared provocative pictures of herself on an elliptical machine as only Carey would do.

We can only imagine the looks from fellow gym-goers. But hey, it’s “Mariah’s World” and we’re all just living in it.