For over two decades, Maná has managed to win over the world with their classic rock and Caribbean beats.

The Mexican band, on this week’s cover of “Billboard Magazine,” has managed to sell over 25 million Spanish-language records in 40 countries, according to the music publication --making them the longest lasting, best selling Latin rock act in the world.

“They’re… crisis-proof,” Warner Music Latin America Iñigo Zabala told Billboard. “It’s a situation unique in this marketplace.”

Live Nation Senior VP of Touring Kate Ramos credits Maná’s 20-year successful career to their loyalty to who they are as an act.

“They always sound ‘Maná,’” she told the Music Magazine. “They still manage to explore with music and to develop… but the basics of Maná are always present.”

After a 5-year hiatus, the quartet is back with their latest studio album, “Drama y Luz” with the expected release date on April 12.

Like other Spanish-language artists such as Juanes, Maná has made it priority to use social media websites to connect with their fans.

The group has over 2 million fans on Facebook and 50,000 Twitter followers. The band’s main website, Maná.com.mx is also a big hit.

After a year of writing, reporting and changing the release date multiple times, “Drama y Luz” was finally ready this year.

The album includes a memorabilia for Maná’s aficionados—a 40 minute DVD of the band members recording their songs and putting together their new creation.

“Our productions are very expensive and we don’t measure them,” Maná’s frontman Fher Olvera told Billboard.

“Many artists don’t do it that way because they don’t want to spend the money, but we want it as good as we can.”

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