As Lost comes to a close, it's high time we recognize those brave souls who gave their lives toward the ultimate cause of, well, whatever it is. From heroic self-sacrifice to blood-curdling homicides to a paralyzing pair of spider bites, read the obituaries of the dearly departed. Your eulogies and favorite memories are also being accepted in the comments section below.

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Boone Carlyle died Nov. 1, 2004, from massive internal bleeding from injuries sustained after falling from a cliff in a small plane. He was 22. A survivor of the Oceanic 815 plane crash, Carlyle was the stepson of Adam Rutherford and son of Sabrina Carlyle, the owner of a successful wedding business, for which Boone was the chief operating officer. Tortured by his devotion to and unrequited love for his stepsister, Shannon Rutherford, Carlyle became John Locke's assistant in uncovering the mysteries of the island, including numerous attempts to open the hatch. Carlyle boarded a heroin-laden Nigerian Beechcraft that crashed on the island. Just before the plane fell from the cliff, Carlyle established radio contact with other Oceanic 815 survivors.

Shannon Rutherford died Nov. 8, 2004, from a gunshot wound to the stomach. She was 20. Following her survival of the Oceanic 815 plane crash, Rutherford was best known for her pedicure and love of sunbathing. After slowly giving up on the notion of rescue, Rutherford used her French-speaking skills to translate a 16-year-old radio transmission and maps of the island, during which she developed strong feelings for fellow survivor Sayid Jarrah. She died tragically in Jarrah's arms after being accidentally shot by fellow survivor Ana Lucia Cortez.

Ana Lucia Cortez, a Los Angeles police officer and survivor of the Oceanic 815 plane crash, died Nov. 24, 2004, after being shot by fellow survivor Michael Dawson. She was 29. Known for her hard-as-nails attitude and deep-seated emotional issues, she found it hard to earn her fellow survivor's trust after she accidentally shot and killed Shannon Rutherford. Cortez herself killed Goodwin Stanhope, an impostor posing as an Oceanic 815 survivor.

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Elizabeth "Libby" Smith
, a clinical psychologist and survivor of the Oceanic 815 plane crash, died on Nov. 24, 2004, from gunshot wounds to the abdomen. She was 37. Distraught over the death of her boating enthusiast husband, David, Smith was admitted to Santa Rosa Mental Hospital, where she was a patient alongside fellow Oceanic 815 survivor Hugo Reyes, though they were strangers until the crash. After the crash, Smith and Reyes developed a strong bond and romantic relationship. Their first date was cut short when Smith was shot for inadvertently witnessing Michael Dawson's murder of Ana Lucia Cortez.

Mr. Eko, a former Nigerian warlord and drug smuggler, self-proclaimed holy man and Oceanic 815 plane crash survivor, died on Dec. 2, 2004, after being viciously attacked. Known for speaking very little and carrying a big stick festooned with Bible verses, he was recruited by a Nigerian guerrilla group at a young age. He used his brother's parish to smuggle heroin out of the country. Eko was severely injured in the implosion of the hatch, and shortly after his recovery, he was viciously killed by the Smoke Monster.

American actress and Exposé star Nikki Fernandez and her lover Paulo died Dec. 11, 2004, when they were buried alive. The couple, who survived the Oceanic 815 plane crash, conned and murdered television producer Howard Zukerman in a plot to steal $8 million in diamonds. After being bitten by a Medusa spider while arguing over the diamonds, their resulting paralysis was mistaken for death, and buried. And no one really cared.

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Charlie Pace
, the bassist and songwriter for the rock band Drive Shaft, died Dec. 21, 2004, of drowning. He was 28. A survivor of the Oceanic 815 plane crash, Pace was best known for his band's hit single "You All Everybody." Pace battled heroin addiction in the waning years of Drive Shaft. Pace kicked the habit after the crash and formed a romantic bond with fellow survivor Claire Littleton and her newborn son, Aaron. He sacrificed himself in a suicide mission to turn off the jamming signal at the Looking Glass station. Before he died, he notified Desmond that the rescuers on the freighter were not sent by Penny Widmore.

Michael Dawson
, a construction worker and survivor of the Oceanic 815 plane crash, died Dec. 30, 2004, in the explosion of the freighter Kahana. Dawson was the father of Walt Lloyd, who became Michael's chief concern when "the Others" kidnapped him from the escape raft. In order to get his son back, Dawson agreed to free their leader, Benajmin Linus, killing Ana Lucia Cortez and Libby Smith in the process. He and Walt were given safe passage off the island in exchange, but Dawson, wracked with suicidal guilt, returned to the island on the freighter to attempt to redeem himself. When a bomb was discovered on board, he stayed behind so that his friends could escape.

Dr. Charlotte Staples Lewis, a cultural anthropologist and a member of a science team on board the Kahana freighter, died while time-traveling through 1867. She was 33. Lewis was the daughter of David and Jeanette Lewis, two members of the Dharma Initiative who raised Lewis on the island before she and her mother escaped in 1977. Lewis received her doctorate in cultural anthropology from Oxford, and spent her career trying to prove the existence of the island, which her mother claimed Lewis had imagined. Lewis' crowning discovery was the skeleton of a polar bear in the Tunisian desert that wore a Dharma collar. Lewis succumbed to temporal displacement when the island began skipping through time, which led to severe nosebleeds She was survived by the late physicist Daniel Faraday, who had a major crush on her.

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John Locke, a survivor of the Oceanic 815 plane crash, died in 2007 of strangulation. He was 48. Best known for being miraculously cured of his paralysis after landing on the island, Locke was a gifted hunter and an excellent jungle guide. Because he never wanted to leave the island, he argued with many of his fellow survivors, chiefly Dr. Jack Shephard. When the Oceanic 6 left the island, he stayed behind with the intention of becoming the new leader of "The Others." When the island began time-travelling, Locke turned the frozen donkey wheel to stop the island's jumping, thus transporting himself to Tunisia in 2007. He was unsuccessful in his attempts to convince the Oceanic Six to return to the island, which many thought led him to commit suicide. Further examination revealed that he was in fact strangled by Benjamin Linus. His body was returned to the island via Ajira 316 and was buried among the other victims of the crash of Oceanic 815.

Dr. Daniel Faraday, an Oxford University professor and physicist, died in July 1977 after being shot by his own mother. He was 29. The son of Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore, Faraday was best known for his experimentation with the time-space continuum. He came to the island on the Kahana freighter, and was able to explain the island's time-jumping to the Oceanic 815 survivors. He joined the Dharma Initiative in 1974 — the year the island stopped time-jumping — and continued his studies at the University of Michigan until 1977, when he returned to the island with a plan to detonate a hydrogen bomb to course-correct the time-space continuum. He was thwarted by a younger version of his mother, who was pregnant with the unborn Faraday at the time.

Dr. Juliet Burke, a fertility specialist recruited by "the Others," died in 2007 in a hydrogen bomb blast. Burke worked with her ex-husband Edmund Burke at Miami Central University Medical Research Laboratory until Richard Alpert recruited her to work for Mittelos Bioscience in Portland, Ore. Instead, Alpert took her to the island to work with "the Others" to solve their infertility issues, but she was unsuccessful. When Oceanic 815 crashed on the island, Burke infiltrated their group on Benjamin Linus' orders, but was eventually accepted by the group when she turned on Linus. Burke lived with James "Sawyer" Ford from 1974 to 1977 as a member of the Dharma Initiative. When Daniel Faraday's plan to detonate a hydrogen bomb at the under-construction Swan station failed, Burke was accidentally pulled into a excavation pit by an electromagnetic force and crushed by debris. She died in Ford's arms after being rescued from the pit.

Sayid Jarrah, a former member of the Iraqi Republican Guard and survivor of the Oceanic 815 plane crash, died twice in 2007, once from a gunshot wound and once in the explosion of a submarine. Best known for his torture techniques, leadership skills and expertise in electronics, After escaping the island as one of the Oceanic 6, he worked for Benjamin Linus as an assassin. Jarrah returned to the island on Ajira 316 and flashed back to 1977, where he attempted to kill Linus as a young boy. Linus' father shot and killed Jarrah in retaliation. He was resurrected by a mysterious force at the Temple and lived most of the rest of his days as a soulless zombie. His final act was redemptory: He threw himself on a bomb so that his friends could escape the sinking submarine.

Jin and Sun Kwon, a husband and wife from Seoul, South Korea, who survived the Oceanic 815 plane crash, died of drowning in 2007 after a submarine explosion. They are survived by a daughter, Ji-Yeon. The Kwons were separated when Jin was left for dead aboard the Kahana freighter and Sun escaped the island with the Oceanic 6. Sun returned to the island when Benjamin Linus told Sun that Jin was still alive. The couple was briefly reunited just before the submarine explosion.

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