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South Korea

South Korea Not Afraid of War

South Korean president pledges strength against communist neighbor

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  1. Around the World: 10/13

    Missile protests in South Korea ; winter wonderland in Poland

  2. Around the World

    Big crash in U.K.'s puffin population; South Korean police conduct anti-terrorism drill

  3. Around the World

    Clowns make pilgrimage to Mexican Basilica; South Korean politicians lock themselves in

  4. Obama: 'Level the Playing Field'

    State of the Union, Part 2: President calls for education, infrastructure investment, tax and trade reform

  5. Around the World: Earthquake Rocks Chile

    6.2 magnitude quake hits South American country, minor damage done

  6. Operation 'Invincible Spirit'

    Live ammunition drills part of U.S., South Korea war games

  7. 'Act of Provocation'

    North Korea fires 7 missiles on U.S. Independence Day

  8. North Korea Threatens to Launch 'Sacred War'

    Regime responds to South Korea's military exercises near border

  9. Easing Tensions on Korean Peninsula?

    South Korean president’s surprise call for six-party talks

  10. New Video of North Korea's Leader-in-Waiting

    Provocations by regime expected to increase as country pushes to cement Kim Jong Un's leadership

  11. Gov. Richardson on North Korea Peace Mission

    New Mexico governor on Korean tension

  12. Leadership Shuffle in North Korea?

    What do recent political changes in Asian nation mean for U.S.?

  1. War Games in South Korea Waters

    Joint U.S.- South Korea naval exercises wrap up second day

  2. South Korea Preps for Huge Military Drill

    Seoul warns North Korea against future attacks

  3. Around the World: Protests in South Korea

    Activists demand punishment for North Korea after last month's attack

  4. Latest on Korean Tension

    South Korea vows to strengthen defense

  5. Will War of Words Become Shooting Match?

    More chest-thumping over South Korean military drills

  6. Peace Through Strength on Korean Peninsula?

    South Korea responds to provocations by Pyongyang

  7. Around the World: 8/19

    South Korea scrubs space launch; elephant slippers in U.K.

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