'Little Ricky' from 'I Love Lucy' Keith Thibodeaux says God keeps him going

It’s been almost 60 years since "I Love Lucy's" “Little Ricky” Keith Thibodeaux was adored by millions of Americans back in the 1950’s. Today the child star is all grown up and managing a Christian ballet studio called “Ballet Magnificat!” with his wife in Jackson, Mississippi.

More than half a century after his TV stardom, Thibodeaux said his faith in God is what keeps him going. “I found Jesus. And God did the work in my life.”

Thibodeaux, the only living star from the "I Love Lucy" show, played the drums and acted as Lucy and Ricardo’s son. After making appearances on the "Andy Griffith Show" after "I Love Lucy," Thibodeaux says his Hollywood life took a dark turn.

“My parents divorced when I was about 15 years old. So I left Hollywood kind of embittered,” he told FOX411.

The former child star said he didn’t want to always be known as “Little Ricky,” so in his teenage years he rebelled, ran away, and joined a band called “David and the Giants” in Laurel, Miss. That's when he realized he needed help.

“I needed a savior because I got down to the end of my rope when I was playing rock," Thibodeaux said. "And just went down into the drug world and I was clinically depressed. It was at that point that God answered my prayer - my cry.”

God came into his life to give him a purpose to live, according to Thibodeaux. “I don’t need anything else but God and Jesus in my life," he said. "Because He’s my beginning, my middle, and my ending.”

Aside from managing his ballet studio, Thibodeaux still plays the drums with “David and the Giants” and they just released a new album called “Still Rockin.”

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