Lindsay Lohan's Community Service Outfit, Ari Gritz's Tips for Toning Your Tummy, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's going on about:

• Judging by her Instagram account, Lindsay Lohan did some gardening at a New York women's shelter as part of her mandatory community service — all while wearing a low-cut dress (below). But let's not jump to any conclusions and assume she did it just for a sexy photo. After all, it's best not to wear loose-fitting tops while working with gardening shears. That LBD could be a safety requirement.

• As Lindsay's figure proves, gardening is also probably a great workout for your core. But if you don't have the luxury of mandated community service in your future, there's alternate methods for toning up your tummy. Watch along with the video above as fitness expert Ali Gritz of demonstrates three ab-targeting moves from her "Absolution" class at Crunch Fitness.

• Gwyneth Paltrow posed in a variety of midriff-baring outfits for Women's Health (see one below). She revealed her workout routine too, explaining that her physique was due to dance-cardio class, and, at least in part, to having sex. It's no wonder Ron Jeremy sports such a toned, washboard-like stomach.

• This past Monday on Instagram, Taylor Swift shared a behind-the-scenes clip from her "Bad Blood" music video (hashtagged #stuntFAIL) in which she blasts through a breakaway wall and falls on her face (below). Judging by the finished shot, she was merely supposed to walk through it — but are we the only ones who think this version is way more bad-ass?

• According to a source for Us Weekly, rapper Iggy Azalea recently got herself a nose job and a chin implant. If true, it goes a long way toward explaining her odd new look at Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards, which until now we attributed to a pod person stealing Azalea's skin and stretching it over its own exoskeleton.

• Former "Gossip Girl" actress Leighton Meester and her husband, former "O.C." actor Adam Brody, are expecting their first child together, reports People. It's much too early to start specualting on the child's name, but seeing as Meester and Brody are veterans of teen dramas, we should hope they know better than to name it Tad or Blair, lest it grow up to be a high school bully.

• Earlier this week, actress and director Natalie Portman promoted her new film "A Tale of Love and Darkness" at the Cannes Film Festival wearing a see-through Rodarte dress that didn't do much to obscure her underwear (below). The hundreds of flash bulbs probably didn't help, either:

• In other Cannes news, the organizers of the festival are being criticized for enforcing an unwritten dress code that requires women to wear heels to screenings. We too condemn the rule, as it's quite clearly antiquated and unjust. And while we're on the subject, we also condemn our local cineplex's rules against letting us bring a bucket of chicken into the movie theater. It's 2015, people!

• Pamela Anderson is appearing nude in a new campaign for PETA, this time denouncing the water-wasting practices of dairy and meat farms by way of a "Psycho"-inspired photograph (below). If successful, we expect Pamela to follow up with an anti-lassoing PSA via via a crude recreation of Hitchcock's "Rope."

• "Tudors" actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who has reportedly struggled with alcoholism in the past, was spotted stumbling around London last week drinking from a bottle of cheap booze. We really don't want to report that he's fallen off the wagon, so we can only hope Meyers was boning up for a scene where his character, King Henry VIII, somehow invents vodka. That's historially accurate, right?

• And finally, "Mad Max" director George Miller has already announced a sequel to "Fury Road," to be titled "Mad Max: The Wasteland." So thankfully, for fans of the newest movie, this Max guy's anger issues will not be worked out anytime in the near future.