Lindsay Lohan writes indecipherable caption

Lindsay Lohan posted a sexy photo on Instagram Saturday. Nothing new there. The caption under the photo, however, has confused many.

In a rambling diatribe against, well, we're not sure, Lohan name checks Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie, Harvey Weinstein, PETA, Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey, Republicans, Democrats, and Allah.

Just in case the photo is removed, we have cut and pasted the unedited text here.

"they always come back. I love you NYC ��they always come back. I love you NYC ��#godblesstheworld #michaeljackson #rip miss you as my real only private friend. For you: god, for all hurts and wrongs, please let me forgive, Allah please let me be forgiven, and all forgive themselves. Please and thank you. (Someone I was with the night before several towers fell, it felt like not a curse, but more like a spell.. What we think in America is not always clear, we don't have@peta commercials / you just kill deer....with this being said, I'm a girl with a reputation mislead... Like a diamond in the rough, you, now, for 25 years have seen me on TV and screen.. So i am programmed ��to stand tough. Black or white - in life, rather than love we create a fight of an ideal situation of an unexceptional, yet unacceptable future that @TMZ @Eonline @HarveylevinTMZ &#harveyweinstein ..couldn't and wouldn't even care to describe any thought of the people we forget to help when a franchise film comes out and, If money means more than freedom- than stay in California. If helping others is a passion, talk to angelina jolie... If you want to be a brilliant actress, work wth Meryl Streep the end of the day- republican or democrats --- BE HERE NOW @oprahand live with integrity. Or go to sleep. The most beautiful life comes cheap. Stop fighting and using artists for distractions. It's boring... �� #UnitedNations"