Lindsay Lohan 'very upset' over fresh theft allegations, friend says she's burning through cash

Another day, another Lindsay Lohan drama.

The troubled actress was investigated this week by the Los Angeles Police Department over the purported theft of $100 000 worth of watches, sunglasses and monogrammed tableware from the home of multimillionaire friend Sam Magid. On Tuesday afternoon, the L.A. County District Attorney announced she would not be prosecuted with burglary charges due to “insufficient evidence.”

We’re told Lohan was “very, very upset” over the allegations, and according to her dad, Michael Lohan, Magid told him directly that nothing was even taken from the home.

“It is malicious prosecution and prejudice. If it was anyone else the case would be closed,” Lohan told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column prior to the revelation no charges would be made. “If nothing was taken, how can there be a crime? I don’t care what witnesses they save they have… Witnesses to what? Does Sam have his jewelry as he told me he does?”

Lohan said Magid sent him a text Monday evening that the whole debacle was “nonsense” and that nothing was taken.

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Magid initially notified police following the party at his pad on August 20 and reported the items missing, but later changed his mind. Police continued with their investigation irrespective of the recanting before dropping their probe.

While Lohan is off the hook over this time around, another source closely linked to the star said nothing Lindsay Lohan does surprises him anymore.

“Her problems are all catching up with her,” said the source. “And Lindsay seems to spend all the money she makes.”

Evidence to that effect was presented by TMZ on Wednesday when they reported Lohan's is banned from the Chateau Marmont over almost $50,000 in unpaid hotel bills, including $685.96 spent in a single day on room service.

But with one legal woe down, there is still another one to go. Lohan is also being investigated for lying to police after a car crash earlier this year in which she said she was the passenger, but cops suspect she was actually the driver. TMZ reports the case will be referred to prosecutors and the L.A City Attorney for potential probation violation.

Los Angeles-based civil litigation attorney, Anahita Sedaghatfar, told us that if convicted, the “Mean Girls” actress may very well make a return appearance in the slammer.

“Lying to police could be a violation of her probation also and if she gets charged for it she can likely get up to a year in jail,” she explained, adding that another theft charge would likely violate the terms of Lohan’s probation and could result in further jail time.

And as Lohan continues to attract more and more bad press, whether true or not, her chances of returning to the top tier of actors dwindle.

“The public may love comebacks, but at some point the public gets disheartened and becomes frustrated,” explained crisis management expert Glenn Selig. “The latest episode potentially impacts her fans and perhaps more importantly, producers who may want to hire her for projects. What is sad is that Lindsay appeared to be on the comeback trail, true or not, this will be a setback for her personally and professionally.”

A rep for Lohan declined to comment. Magid could not be reached for comment.