It’s a story Hollywood couldn’t wait to get its hands on, full of sex, lies, murder.

And headstands.

Last week a casting call hit the web for a Lifetime television movie entitled “Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story.” Produced by City Entertainment and Peace Out Productions, the filming has a tentative start date of April 13 with Los Angles listed as the filming location. Veteran casting agent Fern Champion, known for filling the faces on “Police Academy,” “Mask,” “Naked Gun” and ‘90210,” has been listed as heading up the casting process.

So far, the Arias flick is seeking just the two leads.

For Arias, they’re after a Caucasian woman in her late 20s, one who is “coquettish, head-turning, with a palpable sexy allure and well aware of the affect she has on men.”

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    “Jodi is a single-minded, head-strong, quick-tempered young woman. She is hell-bent on emotionally suffocating and controlling Travis Alexander, a handsome young Mormon and motivational speaker who soon falls prey,” the casting notice reads, adding that the Arias character is “jealous in the extreme” and is “driven to violence when she realizes that Travis will never fully commit to her.”

    Alexander on the other hand is dubbed as “good looking with a winning personality and a warm sense of humor,” although he is “emotionally undone by the sexually forward Jodi” and “feels drawn to her for her sexual favors, but shamed by his weakness and neediness.”

    The opening scene gets right down to business with an image of a naked Jodi Arias.

    “We’re looking at a beautiful nude woman, late 20s, braided chestnut hair, stretched across a disheveled bed. She poses like a centerfold,” reads the script obtained by FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Jodi straddles a chair, looking back at us over her shoulder... Jodi splays back on the bed, knees bent, chest up. We gaze up her naked body as she looks down at us with smoldering eyes... Jodi on her knees, her arms embracing her breasts, swelling her cleavage...”

    The script goes on to read like soft-core porn, from Arias’s striptease to described action of her on her knees yet out of frame, donning “skimpy black leather corsets” and French maid costumes, and reciting lines such as: “Travis, I’m your dirty, horny little school girl.”

    Shakespeare it is not.

    In one scene, the leading lady struts about in panties that have “Travis’s” written across the rear.

    The screenplay is interwoven with flashes of law enforcement entering Alexander’s apartment, his deceased body bleeding out as officials search for clues, as well as the continuing investigation process, complete with close-ups of autopsy photographs.

    Using its creative license, Hollywood determines that Arias – who is still on trial for murder and claiming  that her dead ex-boyfriend attacked her and she acted in self-defense – was involved in a "brutal," cold-blooded killing.

    “Jodi comes at him, a fevered animal, stabbing and slashing, again and again and again... Each time the blade connects, blood SPRAYS her face, her clothes, the walls,” reads the climatic death scene. “But she keeps stabbing. Brutal... Unforgiving...Travis reaches the end of the hall... Goes to his hands and knees, no more fight left in him.”

    Moments earlier, in the script, Arias had been snapping photographs of him happily flexing his muscles in the shower.

    Then there is the interrogation, the trial, and a cameo from Travis’s ghost – but a blank when it comes to the ending.

    “ON (DATE TBD), JODI ARIAS WAS (VERDICT TBD)” the script reads, ready to be filled in.

    The closing action involves her giving the camera “a little smile.”

    A source connected to Lifetime confirmed that while pre-production and casting process are in full-swing, no air date has been set.