Need a Break? Check out these great stories from around the web that everyone is talking and tweeting about.

Leonardo DiCaprio reveals he was almost eaten by a shark.  Hey, Jaws back off that is an A-lister!

Zac Effron is SUCH a bad boy. He went skateboarding through a grocery and even made a smoldering pose for the paparazzi.  Ahhhh...so dreamy we could faint...or not 

Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean you can't have the holiday spirit all year round. Watch Uncle Henry react to the best gift ever. 

There's a documentary about men who dress up as living dolls.

Here's a few pics from W Magazine to visually demonstrate why J Law is awesome.

Woman uses Instagram to chronicle her fight against anorexia. It’s great to see social media being used for inspirational purposes rather than half-naked selfies.

This cat has the life. He chills out by listening to music and enjoying some ice cream.

Well hello there Lea Michele…bottoms up!

Hockey is a tough sport. Player knocks himself out.