The Mayans predicted it, and now there is modern-day proof that the end is indeed near.

Exhibit A: Hollywood leading men Leonardo DiCaprio and Denzel Washington are fans of the MTV train-wreck phenomenon "Jersey Shore."

Leo's even partying with the cast.

SLIDESHOW: Vida Launch Party Pics.

DiCaprio joined Lindsay Lohan, Kevin Connolly, Bridget Marquardt, Sophia Vergara and“Jersey Shore” cast members for the launch of Vida, a new “luxury pleasure object” (wink wink, nudge nudge) at West Hollywood hotspot Voyeur.

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DiCaprio and Connolly snuck in the club's back entrance and couldn’t get enough of Pauly D, Snooki, Mike "The Situation" and the other cast members, a spy told Pop Tarts.

The MTV reality stars were the most in-demand of the evening, with party guests clamoring over themselves to get a peek.

SLIDESHOW: "Jersey Shore" Cast Hot Shots.

“[Leo and the cast] were dancing together and having a great time in the VIP together,” said our insider. “Leo was loving it and really bonding with the 'Jersey Shore' people.”

And as we said, DiCaprio isn’t the only A-lister who's a fan of the show. While promoting his new film “The Book of Eli” over the weekend, Pop Tarts overheard Denzel Washington letting it slip that he was pretty up-to-date with the episodes.

“Not that I watch it,” he quickly added with a smile.

Back to the sex-toy party.

Lindsay Lohan, who also chatted up the "Shore" cast, arrived sans bra to the vibrator bash with mom Dina, and spent the night getting affectionate with her rumored new love interest, DJ Jus Ske.

Which is our Exhibit B that the end is near.

Start stocking up on canned goods.