LeAnn Rimes' Post-Workout Selfie, Samuel L. Jackson's Jury Duty Excuse, and Much, Much More

Here's what people are gabbing about:

• In celebration of what she called "Tight Tush Tuesday," country crooner LeAnn Rimes shared a post-workout selfie showing off her tight tush in yoga pants (above). And it's such an admirable tush that we almost thought about not calling Rimes out for posting this #TightTushTuesday photo on a Wednesday. (Almost.)

• If we're talking about tight tushes, we can't forget about Kristin McGee. McGee is a who has actually worked with Rimes to sculpt her enviable physique, so she knows a thing or two about sculpting a great butt. Watch the video below for her tips, then post your own #TightTushTuesday pics next Thursday:

• Samuel L. Jackson reportedly got himself excused from jury duty by alleging that he was busy working on a movie, which only confirms our theory that Jackson chooses to star in an average of six films per year solely so he can get out of his civil obligations. (We're on to you, Sam!)

• Paramount has released the first trailer for "The Big Short," which tells the true-life tale of the Wall Street analysts (played by Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale) who predicted the collapse of the housing bubble well before it burst in 2008 (below). It also tells the true-life tale of how Hollywood put some of their most handsome actors in such awful wigs:

• Former "30 Rock" actress Jane Krakowski revealed earlier this week that she auditioned for the role of Rachel Green on "Friends" back in the early '90s. Needless to say, Jennifer Aniston landed the gig instead, and went on to a successful film and television career that continues to this day. Krakowsi, however, is now a Trop50 spokesperson, so everything worked out about even.

• Jessica Alba posed for the October issue of Self magazine in a few different revealing outfits (see one below). In the accompanying interview, she also remarked that she wanted to be "treated like a guy" when it came to her Hollywood career. When it comes to sexy beach photoshoots, however, she seems to prefer to be treated like a woman:

• "It ain't over 'til it's over," but sadly, it's over for Yankees legend Yogi Berra. Berra, regarded as one of the greatest catchers in the MLB and a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, died on Tuesday evening at the age of 90. He will be missed by fans of baseball and fans of nonsensical quotes alike.

• Earlier this week, Gwyneth Paltrow's boyfriend Brad Falchuk took their relationship public by sharing a photo of Paltrow and himself at the premiere of FOX's "Scream Queens" (below). It's not clear why they waited so long to confirm their coupling, but we suppose it's possible Gwyneth alluded to it long ago in one of her rambling, crypic Goop posts, and we were all just too pedestrian to understand.

• And finally, Sean Penn is reportedly suing "Empire" co-creator Lee Daniels for defamation of character after Daniels compared Terrence Howard's allegations of domestic abuse and legal troubles to Penn's and Marlon Brando's. Brando, on the other hand, has decided to remain quiet about all this, probably because he doesn't want to draw attention to his past, but also probably because he's dead.