LeAnn Rimes decided it was time to redecorate the Malibu pad, and was not exactly thrilled when her husband, Eddie Cibrian, attempted to offer his two cents’ during the seventh episode of her “semi-scripted” reality show, “LeAnn and Eddie.”

“Why don’t you take the media room and completely do it yourself,” a defensive LeAnn told Eddie after he suggested that she wasn't interested in opinions that weren’t her own. Eddie accepted the challenge. “I think it’s finally time for LeAnn to feel what it’s like when her opinion really doesn’t matter at all,” he said.

Meanwhile, LeAnn and Eddie were also collaborating with Katrina, Eddie’s wedding planner from his first marriage, to create a line of clear plastic purses. While LeAnn and Eddie debated the amount of bedazzling needed, the wedding planner/handbag designer was focused on PR. “We just have to think of a few really fun, amazing ways to get the word out,” Katrina told LeAnn. “We’ll definitely think of something,” LeAnn reassured her.

Enter LeAnn’s “crazy” pal Liz, who suggested enlisting the paparazzi to help promote the handbags. “They’ve already seen you with a pregnancy test in your bag–so you need to above and beyond,” said Liz. “You make it outrageous enough, it’ll be funny, and you know what? It’s going to sell your bags.” LeAnn loved the idea, and the girls hatched a plan to have the paparazzi catch LeAnn with a clear bag filled with naughty items. “They get their photo, and I get press for my bag. I can finally use them for something good.”

LeAnn met Liz for lunch a “popular restaurant” on Sunset Boulevard, armed with her see-through bag containing a pair of handcuffs, tequila, a pregnancy test and a sex toy. Stephanie, an acquaintance from Eddie’s children’s school was also at the restaurant, and as pair of photographers snapped away, LeAnn grew concerned. “As a stepmom, I’m already an outsider with all of these moms, so the last thing I need is for Stephanie to go tell them that I’m running around with tequila and sex toys in my purse.”

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    Back in Malibu, Eddie admired a giant elephant sculpture that he received as a gift at his first wedding, which he planned to put on display in the media room. LeAnn was horrified. “Who in their right mind would buy that?” Eddie also described the “feng shui” behind a sculpture of a pair of dogs. “They can’t touch, even though they want to touch,” explained Eddie. “Just like the beginning of our relationship,” quipped LeAnn.

    Eddie also casually told LeAnn that Stephanie had called to cancel an upcoming playdate. “I am terrified that this playdate was cancelled because of that bag,” said LeAnn. “I’m sure that now she probably thinks that every rumor she’s ever read about me is true.”

    It turned out that Stephanie was simply suffering from a case of morning sickness, but LeAnn still had to deal with Eddie’s media room. “It looks like a flea market threw up on a coffee table,” she noted.

    After returning home from the powwow with Stephanie, Eddie surprised LeAnn with a tastefully decorated media room–minus one giant elephant. “You did great,” she cooed to Eddie. “I did better than you,” he teased.